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Sunshine Rice and Soy Chicken

So I just sort of made this up. And then tried to be fancy and give it a name. You can’t call something ‘yellow rice’, can you? But if you’re a rice and chicken type person then this delivers. And you probably have all of the ingredients to make it. Serious bonus right there.

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Adventures in Eastbourne


If you’ve been a visitor to Wellington you’ve probably scoped out the city and the waterfront, maybe even some of suburbs around the city. I’ve visited Wellington a number of times and Friday was my first trip ‘greater afield’. My brother and I took a ferry from the waterfront to Days Bay, part of Eastbourne and my new favourite part of Wellington. Its the best example of sea meets bush and wedged in between are a smattering of cute shops, cafes and fancy homes. We both had a strong nostalgic pull to our trips abroad – the ferry ride was only 30 minutes but we felt like we were far far away somewhere really special. We explored the area and then under a roaring blue sky we hiked deep into  the bush and paid a visit to Butterfly Creek, which requires to you to climb up over the hills and into the valley below. A sweaty and rewarding journey.








A Little Hello


Hi there!

Just stopping by to say hello. Its hot and very summery and I’m just having a lazy Sunday at home after a brief and very intense trip to Wellington (that began with a 7 hour fog-induced wait at the airport).

I went to Wellington on business. I just wanted to say that. It sounds funny. But seriously, I met with LIANZA’s Website Advisory Group and some web developers to look at LIANZA’s new website. That makes me sound really smart! Which is silly. I’m actually just a ‘voice of the people’ so to speak.


I also went to orientation at Massey Uni (!!!). Because, ya know, Monday is the first day of about six years of study. Go me! (Why do we do these things to ourselves – I’m constantly asking that). The orientation was GREAT. (Go to those things if you’re ever in that camp) and I’m so excited to start now.

Life has been a bit of blur lately. I feel like I’m juggling a lot when really I haven’t even started the juggling bit yet. I think its important to remember the small things when there are big changes in your life.

I’ve been doing some sewing. I lost my sewing motivation for a while. Sadface. Then I sewed a little fox. Happy! (Confession: He is the second fox, the first one never made it to the stuffing stage). (He came from this tute – if you make one let me know how you go and if you got lost like me!) I dubbed him Sebastian Jr.

We had a little Valentines Day Celebration (we don’t really ‘do’ Valentines). We stayed in and cooked. We made bruschetta and added feta and ham. I could eat a whole French stick of that stuff. Highly recommend! And we also made Tandori chicken burgers and nectarine and strawberry tart. Mmmm


We watched some good movies. Enough Said (classic cheese-filled funny sweet actually quite enjoyable boyfriend friendly chick-flick) and The Way Way Back (kind of strange but really good!). I’m one of those people who likes character driven films. Films where maybe not heaps happens but the characters are interesting important well-developed. I kind of dig mopy teen movies too. Am I weird? What have you seen lately?

I’m still in pyjamas and haven’t even had a cup of tea yet so my Wellington snaps are still tucked away on my camera but here is just a taste. I spent a really cool day exploring Eastbourne with my brother.


Its almost Autumn! How crazy is that? Weird! Have you had any great adventures lately? Let me know. Have a good Sunday.


Meal Planning Part Three: A Free Printable for You!


Once you have decided what you’re going to cook you then have the fun task of hitting the supermarket and giving away your hard-earned cash. Never enter a supermarket unprepared – you’re just asking for trouble.

I write my shopping list by first choosing what we’re going to cook and then figuring out what all those meals require. I then build my shopping list around that. Yep – a three step process. And now you can do that too if you fancy making foodie lists. I’m all for the foodie lists.

Final A5 viagra ukraine Click here to download your printable!

Hint One – the printable prints quite happily in grey scale if you want to be more economical.

Hint Two – after cutting it down to A5 you can fold up the bottom ‘menu’ portion and then fold it in half with the two lists facing out – convenient for supermarket jaunts.

This is the ‘last’ instalment of my three-part meal planning series. Did you see the Blackboard Clipboard DIY?

Meal Planning Part Two: Blackboard Clipboard DIY


I’ve always wanted a blackboard wall in my kitchen. A big scribbling spot for ideas and inspiration and all important list making. We’re renting so that’s obviously a no-go. This simple DIY is a compromise. A good one!

Blackboard Clipboard DIY (Blickboard? Clapboard?)

You will need:

Pick-Me-Up Squares


Hey! I’m here to share a yummy easy recipe for your afternoon pick-me-up. Make this tomorrow so you’re ready for Monday. I love this simple customisable recipe and I think that its not too bad for you. Anything that you make at home is better than something from a packet!

Pick-Me-Up Squares