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Garden Update {November}

imitrex injection cost DSC_2645

A few snaps of the garden in November. There are peas! I haven’t grown peas before. Such joyful little souls. I also have monster-sized brassicas that have been chewed to pieces by various garden dwellers. Gardenening, like many things, is a constant learning curve. I don’t think I’ll grow any brassicas next year. I’ve also got lettuce and have now planted four tomato plants. Plus, my raspberries are in full-swing. Happiness is a raspberry. Row and I spent an afternoon constructing a cage for them, because the birds just go to town. We haven’t had much rain this spring so I’m out there, watering, inspecting, picking and foraging every other day. I guess there are worse things in life. Have a good Sunday!


Totally Tomatoes!

IMG_20140211_185826 From last years harvest.

This, in my collection of ridiculous blog post titles. I’m the queen of cheese. Can you imagine if I wrote a book? There would be alliteration and puns and so much cheese. OK, but I’m actually going to talk about tomatoes today. Or as I have dubbed them: red gold. Tomatoes are the one thing I have been able to grow brilliantly, without fail, in every garden I’ve had. They grow en masse and they are probably my favourite vegetable (in the sense that I use them as a vegetable). Even if you don’t grow them, at this time of year they’re a staggering 99c a KG! What’s not to love? So here are some scrumptious recipes I’ve made and found that have toms in the leading role. Enjoy!

– I recently shared my Pesto, Tomato, Salami and Camembert Quesadillas. So simple and so, so good.

– Last summer I was a regular muncher of bruschetta. We make this all the time in the summer. A favourite for barbies and the like or general snacking.

– The second my cherry tomatoes are producing fruit, I’ll be making this tart! It looks grand!

– How good does this Tomato and Promegranate Salad look? I really want to make something with pomegranate.

– Annabel Langbein, queen of seasonal cooking, has this Harvest Tomato Sauce recipe which I intend to make every year, but haven’t yet. Also, this Moroccan Chickpea and Chicken Salad looks yum. Thanks Annabel!


In Search of Simple Food


Hello internet world. This evening I’ve retreated to the bedroom for some quiet. I have socks on and a cup of tea and soon after this, I’m going to cook eggs for dinner. It all sounds pretty good after a really long day at work.

I have hit ‘the wall’ this week, in blogging. Not because I’m too busy (which I am) or because I’ve fallen out of love with this little square box that houses my virtual home (which I haven’t) but because I’ve  been trying i pill cost pioneer too  fortify retin a micro price hard (classic Laura move). The irony is that I totally adore simplicity. I think simple really does win out, especially in the kitchen. Food doesn’t want to be complicated.

More irony: I started writing this blog to share what I love but since then, its become more about ‘coming up with something to share’. This week (it’s only Tuesday? What the what?) among making failed lentil salads, cooking delicious favourite risotto, cutting out hundreds of Christmas flyers for work, listening to Serial, watching Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall make wonderful vegetarian, tending to my tiny garden and being curious about the bizarre spring weather patterns I’ve managed to have an epiphany of sorts – all of the great things I cook are simple, unpretentious, flexible and fun but a lot of the recipes I attempt to create for the webosphere are anything but. I’m going in search of simple food: draft  the food that I love to cook and eat, the food that inspired this blog in the first place, the food that fits in and around my lifestyle. I promise I’ll share what I find with you (I pinky promise there will be burritos).

Happy Spaces v.21


Hello! Oh look its the weekend. I’m working and studying so I hope yours is going to be more exciting than this. Do something fun on my behalf. Here is some browsing material for your morning (or afternoon). Have it with tea and cake. I insist ;).

– I have to start with the best…sometimes on the internet you find something completely amazing and you make yourself at home there for awhile. If you dig below the surface past Facebook and clothing stores and greasy celebrities you find something utterly beautiful and profound and kind of go wow, why isn’t  this on the front page of everything? Why isn’t there more time and space for this? In this instance I’m talking about Boots and Pine which I guess could be summed up (badly) as a photography blog project. I don’t know what I’m more mesmerized by: the incredible portraits or the stories of the people featured. Go to the index, pick a face your drawn to and fall down a delightful rabbit hole. (Scroll through the photos to get to the interview at the end). What a wonderful start to the weekend.

A list of lovely creative books (some of my favourites are here including The Creative Habit and Made by Hand).

– I made this chicken salad last week. It’s a winner. Seriously bookmark this one.

– I like the look of this tote bag tutorial. Always good to try a new tote.

– Do you like watching documentaries? I do. Row and I go through phases of watching heaps and this list looks like a good jumping off point.

– I LOVED this article on ‘owning your title’. I especially love this “Because no one else is going to give it to you, and because no one else can really take it from you, either.” Yes! It’s about time someone said that.

Have an excellent weekend friends.


Taking Stock: November

takingstock november

Hello! Here is the thing I do every month where I take stock of my life. Its quite fun. You could do it too if you like. Pip is  the original stock taker and she writes a super ace blog over here.

Making : lots of things! Its a good season. I’m enjoying sewing little projects for presents.
Cooking : not so much, lots of things that involve salad using lettuce from my garden.
magazines, cookbooks and my fourth uni paper (!!!). Also I just got Daily Rituals: How Artists Work from the library but I haven’t cracked it open yet.
Wanting: time to read and about
six of these biscuits.
Looking: in horror admiration at the enormous broccoli plants in my garden.
Playing: with paper and fabric.
Deciding: what to sew next!
Enjoying: today – podcasts, tea, making stuff, poking around in the garden.
Waiting: for ink pads to arrive in the mail. (And  to begin stamping projects)
Liking: my new zebra print top.
Loving: good times with friends. My good friend Katie and new friend Linnea and I went and saw
St Vincent last night. Highly recommend!
Pondering: next year. Last week I booked flights to Europe in June to see my best friend. Holy crazy.
Watching: things grow in my garden. Gosh its cool. Grow something!

Hoping: that everything will fall into place.
Needing: a bit more time (always, always, always) and a really long walk or swim and more rain for my garden.
Wearing: aforementioned zebras and my go-to harem-style pants.
Serial (podcast). Seriously interesting!
Admiring: myself ha, and the fact that I’ve completed and passed my first three uni papers. (As an aside, I’m all for tooting your own horn when you’ve worked for it, someone has to, right?)
Buying: not much but yesterday I bought
some cute Christmas crackers on a whim!
Getting: a tiny bit excited about Christmas.
this insanely good salad.
Giggling: at old episodes of Friends. (Yes, I’m one of those people).
Feeling: happy.
Snacking: on cucumber.
This necklace.
Hearing: The Killers Battle Born on repeeeat.

Its funny, I’m not sure what this list says about me. But I like that it’s a little snap shot, a time capsule of my life. I hope you enjoyed reading this months list. Here is Octobers and Septembers if you’re interested.

Petite Kitchen’s Zesty Apricot Balls


It’s no secret that I (and I’m guessing a lot of you) have those days (every day) where all you want in life is an enormous piece of cake. Like as big as your head. Preferably with chocolate involved somewhere in the process. I have a big sweet tooth. Last week Row brought home a 2 kilo bag of Fruit Bursts to send out with his orders (he sells mountain bike parts if that’s of interest to you). 2 kilos of Fruit Bursts just casually chillin’ in our living room. So. Much. Self. Control. Required. Anyway, this has a point. As much as I love (and need) cake I also know that I can’t have cake frequently (sorry to break it to you). This year I have enjoyed so much finding new recipes to satisfy the chronic-snacker and sweet tooth in me,

In the weekend I made Petite Kitchen’s Zesty Apricot, Pumpkin Seed and Lemon Fudge Balls. These balls didn’t last for too long because despite them being refined sugar free, they were delicious and made for excellent snackage. I would even go as far as saying they are healthy on account of the nuts and seeds. So that’s cool right? Almost as good as cake. No sugar high. No guilt. I’m still going to have my cake on occasion (it’s a coping mechanism) but its great to be able to replace some of the cake indulgences with healthier snacks (that are yum too). DSC_2551

In case you aren’t acquainted with Petite Kitchen here is a lowdown: Petite Kitchen was born out of the need to create a better diet for Eleanor’s very ill daughter. Eleanor’s daughter was diagnosed with Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) by a Naturopath, an imbalance of bad gut bacteria causing toxins. This was causing terrible eczema and extreme mood fluctuations. Eleanor eliminated grains, sugar, additives and preservatives from their diets and her daughter returned to full health. Now Eleanor focuses on creating simple recipes and sharing them on the blog and in her cookbook (which is the best!). I really recommend checking out Petite Kitchen if you’re gluten free or just looking for a fresh way of cooking and eating.

I forgot to mention something else about these balls: they’re a doddle to make and require no cooking! How great is that. Excellent for a take-along or for your afternoon snack. Enjoy! And have a great week.