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Goodbye 2014!! promote 2014 list Last time I posted I rambled (sorry) about the year that was. This morning as rain hammered the windows, I started writing out my goals for 2015 (I literally just wrote ‘eat a real croissant in Paris’. Yep, that’s happening.) I realised I hadn’t done the final check of my 2014 list and it was so great to get out my pen and cross some more things off. This year I had 22 goals that ranged from the creative (play with fabric printing), to the more serious (pay of my credit card), to the more…cliche (walk more). I completed 18 out of 22 goals! Wee! I did not print photos (until this morning, more on this soon), make a time capsule, submit to a magazine or watch more documentaries but I did do some really fun things this year…

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A Hello + Looking Back & Forth

lisinopril price DSC_0230 highlight Hi! Are you having a super great week? I always find it a bit crazy that in one week we can fly through Christmas and land right at the end of the year (almost). Gosh, that’s a lot to deal with. I’m having a tug-of-war in my brain, thinking about 2014 and 2015, my Christmas tree is still up and apparently I woke up on Boxing Day with a cold. To top it off, its about 28 degrees. But I did have a wonderful Christmas day with my family, feasting as only we know how to do, spoiling each other, and being sloths in the epic heat that arrived in style just in time for Christmas (we had torrential rain last week and water restrictions the week before). I spent Boxing Day with Row, grazing on leftovers and playing this game I got us for Christmas. Sloths for the win.

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Taking Stock: December


I think taking stock is almost my favourite part of writing this blog (OK, I lie, food comes first) but I like that each month I can reflect on where I’m at, and that I can look back and reflect on where I was at last month (and the months before). Pip is the original stock taker and her blog is super spiffy. Happy Christmas week! I hope it’s really great, and festive and not too, too crazy.

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Happy Spaces v.23

ode to pom poms - Copy

Hello! Well look it’s Saturday and it’s Christmas next week. What, the what? OK. It’s cool. I think. I mean, there’ll be large quantities of food so that kind of makes the madness OK. I have LOTS of things racing through my head at the moment, I know it’s very cliche (I’m kind of bored of people saying uuuugh such a cliche. Who cares if it is?) but I feel change in the air, majorly and it feels really, really good. I have been thinking a lot about this year (what an insane year!) and thinking big about next year: I want simplicity. I’ve been thinking about the blog a bit, and how I can make it work best for me and for my readers (you guys!!!!). I’ve been thinking about reading lots of books, drinking nice tea, planting more stuff in the garden, and slowing down. I want to write a lot more about all of these things but I’ll keep it brief today, and share some new year inspiration.

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Reading List: Sara Gruen

Summer Reading

I’m struggling to concisely review these two books, or this writer – to  do them justice –  so I’ll just sort of ramble about them a bit in an attempt to convince you to read them both. I read Ape House first, and I read it in two days. I’m not a slow reader but I usually meander through a book. There was no meandering with Ape House. I wanted to devour it. Ape House is really hard to sum up because its a sweet, funny enjoyable read with a lot of action (not Bruce Willis action, perhaps, but a lot going on) but its also really profound. I really got an insight into what it means to be human, and animal and to our relationship with animals. Truth be told, I’ve kind of been obsessed with apes since I finished it.

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DIY Fancy Recycled Gift Wrap

photo 4

Wrapping presents is way up there as one of my favourite Christmas things. I think its kind of a crafter thing to hoard stuff, right? Do you do that do? I don’t like the ‘single-use’ mentality and so I like to keep wrapping paper and all of the bits and pieces. Sometimes its not super usable though. It ends up with rips or marks from the sticky tape, or wrinkles or just isn’t the right size for your gift. So I made up this fun thing! And you get to use kraft paper which is basically the next best thing to wrapping presents.

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