Happy Spaces v.8


Happy Saturday-at-last! I hope your week has been fulfilling, productive and downright awesome. Mines been some of that and also a whole mix-bag of other things. Its included studying for a marketing test and passing it (!!), thinking about life’s big picture and making decisions, getting amped for Wellington next week, finding peace in a hot bath and the pages of Twyla Tharp’s great (great, great) book and now to the weekend where I plan to cross another item off my May list and sew a skirt (or at least make a start! This could also be the point where I discover I never want to look at a sewing machine again. We shall see).

Here’s the usual dose of fortnightly good stuff.

These animal bookmark printables are cute. Cute cute. Apparently they are for children. Why can’t I have a little lion poking out from the corner of my book?

Pom pom boquets! I’m not exactly planning a wedding but I kind of LOVE this. The top-left is my fave: those colours are the best. Bookmarking this fo’ later ;)

One of my fave mags has entered the webosphere at last. This apple and sultana cake looks grand!

This week I made pizza! And I wanted to recommend Elise’s pizza dough again. Its super.

These washcloths are of the too cute kind. Those ones that you can’t use because they’re too cute. Once I master the scarf, I’ll be having a crack at this. Plus, I like the name of her blog.

– I just started reading a good book and I’m hooked: The Creative Habit, by Twyla Tharp. Tharp is a choreographer, a really-big-deal choreographer who’s been doing her thing since 1965. She knows some stuff. She knows about finding and keeping creativity. I’m very interested to keep reading. If you’re any sort of creative type I think you’ll find it interesting if not absolutely enthralling. It also kind of makes me want to go and see ballet again.

Have a great weekend! I’ll report back on my skirt adventures soon.

3 thoughts on “Happy Spaces v.8

  1. Pip

    That is one of my very favourite books! It’s on audio book too – so sometimes I listen to it as I walk around the park. VERY energising and inspiring! We like a lot of the same things, actually!!! x

    1. Laura Post author

      Hi Pip! I get a bit of time off work and a wee trip away soon so I’m hanging out to really dive into it then. Can’t wait! Great minds think alike ;) (P.S hanging out for your next book too -next year seems far away!).

  2. Rebecca

    Hey Laura – I have this book but haven’t read it through yet (!), despite having had it for some time. I’m super-enthused to dive right into it now having seen it here. It’s creative synchronicity :)


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