Poached Chicken: An Experiment


I love experimenting in the kitchen and trying new cooking concepts. This weekend was fun: I made tabbouleh, poached chicken and pizza dough – all firsts for me. I had high hopes for my chicken. I’ll be honest, this was primarily due the fact that it looked so pretty. OK chicken’s don’t look pretty, ever. But all of the fresh herbs, lemon slices, crushed garlic. It had to be great.

The verdict: I was less than excited. I enjoyed the process and honestly, having chicken in the fridge that you can just throw into a meal (see below) and home made stock is kind of the best. But next time, next time I think I’ll just roast. I’m undecided. Have you poached a chicken? I think I’ll do it again and play around with the flavours. For now, I’m just enjoying the end result.


Last night I made pizza which kind of made all other food moot. It. was. good. Real good. Chicken, capsicum, Camembert. I’ll make that again. For sure. And there is still plenty of chicken left.

I used this Rachael Ray recipe and this Jamie recipe for inspo for my poached chicken. I used Elise’s pizza dough recipe which was great!

Happy Monday! I hope you had a relaxing weekend before getting back to the grind. I have a big marketing test this week. Its cool. Totally cool. I’m not freaking out. I have eaten 5 peanut brownies. But its cool. Right?

I’ve got a bunch of posts planned but if there is a mysterious lull on the Happy Pantry front its because I’ve glued my head to a text book.

Have a great week!

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