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Happy Spaces v.26

repair neurobion forte price DSC_0175edit Oh look! It’s Saturday. Excuse the delay, I’m having One Of Those Weeks. When you’re a student, your life fluctuates around deadlines. I have an exam on the 11th of Feb and revision has officially begun, which makes me slightly insane! I’m sitting here, accompanied by a merry cup of tea, in my jammies, having been revising for the last three hours, so I literally look quite fuzzy – like an old television screen. I’m marveling at the sort-of rain (we need it bad) and planning the rest of my day (I want to watch a documentary on Paris, visit the vegetable store, finish knitting a square and finish my book! Crumbs!) But first, good things from the web:

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Life Lessons from a Linguistics Assignment transcribe DSC_0171

generate minocycline cost Let me tell you about my friend, The Linguistics Assignment. It has a cutesy nickname, that I won’t share on the blog in case you have sensitive ears (eyes?). I’ll give you some advice, free of charge, linguistics is hard. It’s hard when its 27 degrees. It’s hard when it’s Christmas. It’s hard when you can’t entirely wrap your head around the difference between style and genre, or pragmatics and communicative competence. Here is the thing though: hard is not bad, hard is learning. I’m in my first year of a comms degree, and lots and lots of people are probably thinking ‘damn girl, you’re just getting started’ and I know that, in some way, but this assignment, this was the hardest one I’ve done yet. From this assignment  I learnt three valuable life lessons, that could be applied to study or to any sort of project or creative endeavour, or quite possibly, just to life itself: bit by bit, push through, take a break.

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Taking Stock: January


Hello! I still exist! You might be thinking otherwise, since I accidentally took a mini blog vacation. See, I was trying to write a post about my goals for 2015 and the post just wasn’t happening, so I reached the conclusion that it is not ready  to be written yet – my goal list, perhaps, is incomplete. So instead, I’m taking stock. A monthly stroll down Laura avenue (in short: it’s too hot, I’m obsessed with London and I have three knitting projects on the go and hopefully one of them will turn into a blanket.)

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Playing with Yarn


Good morning! I hope your week is going well. I just felt like sharing some yarny goodness with you. I’m a bit yarn-crazed at the moment.  This year I want to play with yarn more. I want to learn how to knit different stitches. I want to make anything that isn’t a scarf (plus lots of scarves!). I’d like to have a go at crochet. Here are some places I have found inspiration – some books and some videos and some happy web pages. Are you a knitter? A crocheter? Interested?

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Simple Ways with Beans, Carrots and Tomatoes (Hey Summer!)


Let’s be honest, this is the best time of year, veg-wise. Everything seems to be in abundance, we’re watching our tomatoes change daily, and you could build your dinner around what grows outside. There are MANY recipes – an endless supply, really – to choose from but sometimes simple wins out (it’s my mantra). Don’t get me wrong, I love a good meal-in-one salad (like this) or a curry that celebrates a host of ingredients. But I also like easy. This year my foodie mission is to go in search of simple food that requires little time, no recipes, no extra trips to the supermarket. Food that celebrates the basics: good ingredients. Here are three simple ‘foodie pairings’ that we have been munching on.

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