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Happy Spaces v.28

rehabilitate aziderm cream price in india DIY Woven Placemats from Design Sponge! DIY Woven Placemats from Design Sponge! Hello! And oh dear! It’s the last day of summer. How on earth? I feel like someone slapped me, a bit. But this always happens doesn’t it? Today, I’m feeling a bit out of sorts, like my to-do list is twice as long as my weekend and all I actually want to do is snuggle up in bed with my book. My week has been good though: among other things I attempted crochet (hard! getting there!), chopped off lots of my hair (how GOOD does that feel?), and picked many more tomatoes (second batch of relish-making tomorrow). Here are some things to get your brain whirring for the weekend. Have a good one! And happy autumn! zoom out Continue reading

Count All of Your Wins


Hello, nearly at the weekend folks. I thought I’d share a little message with you today. Last night, I got my result for my final paper of 2014 and I was overjoyed. I did it! I made it through the first year of study. I passed! I’m actually doing this and it’s not going terribly. That’s a great feeling. Then, this little voice pipes up and tells me that I’m not even close. Four papers barely register as a blip on a degree and  it’s only going to get harder. This voice quiets the other voice that is saying yes, go you, you did it! It puts it in the corner and tells it not to be so silly, so proud because you don’t want to get your hopes up, or get slack, or be overly positive. No, we couldn’t have that could we. I think one of the biggest flaws in our society is that we are raised to be extremely modest (couple this with the fact that we are also told it’s very bad to be wrong and you can see where things start to fall apart). Well, I’m kind of fed up with that. I’m fed up with feeling like that. I want to stand on my roof with a giant banner and a megaphone and tell the whole world that I passed*. Also, I’d quite like it if you got up there with me. What did you do today? Last month? Last year? Did you own your marks at uni? Make headway on an awesome project? Manage to get through one batch of dishes while wrangling a toddler? Make it through one nights sleep with a new bubba? Get through a shift without punching any of your customers? Count all of your wins contact . The small wins. The wins that seem totally insignificant or unimportant to anyone else. Count the wins even if you know that it’s only the first step. Count all of the wins because you’re doing it. In whatever form, all of those steps, even the baby steps, they’re the ones that will carry you to the next step and the next and on to even bigger wins.

*Actually standing on the roof might be a little dangerous so I bought myself a geranium instead. #opshopwin

Zucchini Fritters


Hello. Well look, it’s already Wednesday again. We’re barreling straight into autumn and I’m not remotely prepared. This autumn is going to be an interesting one! The most interesting yet. On the 11th of June, I’m going to board a plane and fly to Germany. Autumn means preparation. It also means shorter days and cooler nights, Easter, Rowan’s trip away, the first two uni papers of the year. This is is how it goes. But, first, it’s still basically summer and that means one thing: an endless supply of zucchinis. My mum has been picking 5 zucchinis a day from her garden all summer. The surplus gets sent in my direction. These fritters have been on constant rotation. They use up zucchinis (3 per batch!), they taste grand, they’re easy. I kind of just flung this recipe together with a bit of experimentation and on-hand ingredients. Try it?

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Dear Christchurch


I have a number of memories of Christchurch. For reference, Christchurch is the closest large city to my hometown of Nelson that doesn’t involve air travel. For this reason, it became a standard holiday destination for our family when I was a kid. I remember stopping in Murchison with stiff legs and a rumbling stomach, on each journey south. I remember the fudge shop in the Cathedral Square, the novelty that was fudge. I remember the row of gift shops where I found a new favourite teddy bear who was consequently named Fudge. I still have this bear. I still kind of remember the smell of the fudge shop. I remember the elation of arriving at the holiday park after the six hour journey, my bro and I bolting from the car to play on the giant trampoline. Every time. In 2009 my family and I took our last mission to Christchurch to see Pearl Jam, I will hold those memories dearest.
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Taking Stock: February


Hello! It is 10.30pm, pouring rain and I’m tucked up inside writing this. Pink tea next to my laptop, Liam Finn on the speakers, a whiskery assistant keeping watch. All is good. It’s funny, this taking stock business. Last time I wrote this my tomatoes were green, now my fridge is full to the brim. Some things don’t change though: I still drink tea like a character on Coro Street, I still knit, it’s still too hot to spend more than 20 minutes outside anytime between 9 am and 8 pm. And so, a snapshot of now, to look back on and to be in the moment with (how cheesy was that?).

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The Blanket: Stage One

knitting stage one 2

Hello! (This time last week I was furiously writing a linguistics exam. Whew! Glad that was then and this is now. My one piece of advice to students is that exams move. You barely have time to get nervous and then it’s all over rover. So don’t get hung up on it.) One of my goals this year is to knit a blanket. The purpose of this goal is to do a high volume of knitting so that I can practice and improve on the very basics (it’s also to end up with something really cute that I can use a lot!). Because of this, I decided to knit squares. There are probably better ways to make blankets, that are faster or achieve a better result, but squares won. I like the transportability of squares, for knitting on the fly. I like that I could just use the tools I have and not need to buy new ones. I like that I would get A LOT of practice of casting off and casting on. I like that I don’t need a pattern. And so I have knitted one and 14 squares and I thought I would share the beginnings of this project: the inspiration and the plan.

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