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Foodie Out-Takes in March

compare blueberries Picking blueberries at mum and dads.

zoom in Hello! I didn’t share many recipes in March. This was partly because for two weeks of it Rowan was in China and I lived off sunshine. I’m kidding, mostly. But I cooked twice in that time period – one large green curry and one large meat sauce for pita breads. I don’t think I can eat a pita bread for a while. March was also a bit crazy busy with study, and random things that life likes to throw at you. That’s OK. I hope to share some recipes soon. Today, I wanted to share some little tips and thoughts that cropped up through March. Continue reading

Happy Spaces v.30

tend motilium usa Happy Spaces (1) - Copy

progynova costo innovate Hello friends! It’s Saturday. What a relief. I have a to-do list as long as my arm (mostly study) and I worked this morning so poor old Happy Spaces just didn’t quite make it’s usual time slot. Sorry about that! Some nice things to read over your afternoon tea, perhaps? With a piece of cake ideally! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. inspire – I loved this interview with Julie Van Wezemael. Her art is just stunning!

This cushion! Simple and incredibly effect. Also, pompoms!

10 Great Vessel and Plant Pairings. Can you guess which one I like the most?

– I’m going to make this next week! Nothin’ like a big plate of salad, Lemongrass Chicken Noodles looks delish!

– I think this is the cutest DIY I have seen in a while. Bookmarking this for my mid-semester break. (Pineapples!!!).

OK, that’s it for today, I need a cup of tea and a(nother) peanut brownie. This gloomy weather is making me want to snuggle up with some crochet instead of semiotic analysis. (Crochet makes for excellent procrastination, all students should avoid it. I’m looking at you, Jacquie!)

The Blanket: Stage Two (Granny Squares!)

granny 1

This year, I set a goal to knit a blanket. Yay! So, you’re probably wondering why I’m showing you pictures of crochet. When I wrote this post about the start of my knit blanket, I was enthusiastic…but I never knit more than those 1.5 squares. I do enjoy the rhythmic nature of knitting, but I just wasn’t excited about this for some reason. Around the same time I was itching to try crochet. I blame Pip Lincoln’s Instagram feed. Anyway, a few weekends ago, Row’s mum taught me how to make a granny square and I was off. I can’t stop grannying! And so, knit blanket is out, crochet blanket is in. The original yarn I bought works so well for my squares. I love setting and achieving goals, but the whole point of that system is to add something to my life. Not a chore (though sometimes goals are hard work) but something that is fun, uplifting, inspiring and creative. Because of that, I have no issues with changing things up, or dropping a goal if it’s just not happening. Continue reading

Taking Stock: March


Hello! Sunday night. Bit of downer, no? I’m actually EXCITED because Row gets home this week. He has been in China for 12 days (the longest time we have been apart in the five years of our relationship). It’s been a very looong 12 days, in some ways. I have had SO MUCH studying to do and it’s been a slog. I also had to make an emergency trip to my parents this weekend to see my Pop who is not well. I was born on my Pop’s birthday and him and my Nan live on my parents property, so I saw them every day growing up and we have a special relationship. Also in this weird 12 day capsule, I learnt how to crochet (Row’s mum taught me, she is ace!). I have crocheted 12 granny squares and I think this is my favourite craft to date. It is wonderfully therapeutic, creative, colourful and pretty. It makes me very happy, having a growing pile of squares. Here is my taking stock post: a monthly snapshot of life. Thank you for reading and have a superb week! Continue reading

The Strays [Twenty in Fifteen]


Hi all. How is your week humming along? Mine is going quite slowly. On the plus side, I’ve made almost six granny squares and am utterly obsessed with this new hobby. Yay! I finished reading The Strays a little while ago and have finally found the time to write about it. Have you read this book? Perhaps you would like to? Here is what I thought of it. Continue reading

Happy Spaces v.29


Hi everyone! Look, the weekend again. It’s a bit gloomy here, but I think the sun will come out. I have a super busy weekend planned. I’m working, going to see this French film, crocheting, dinnering with my folks, studying and trying to find another book to read. It’s quite a lot! But first, tea in bed with Happy Spaces, a good way to start the weekend. Do you agree? I hope you have a good weekend (and that maybe it is slightly more relaxing than mine). Continue reading