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Taking Stock: April takingstockapril

finalize celebrex cost It might as well be May, right? But I will do the taking of stock anyway. It’s probably wildly beneficial considering I think I just missed the entirety of this month. 30 days? Pfft. I think I had time to drink one cup of tea and it was over. It’s six weeks until I go to Europe, the middle of the semester and I feel like I’m in the eye of the storm. It’s all booking trains, emailing distant relatives, buying practical shoes, making lists, booking appointments, draining my bank account and dreaming. It’s scary and exciting. I also have a tower of assignments. Then the ordinary, every day stuff (work, dishes, sleep). Finally, a little blogging. And a few rows crocheted here and there. That sums it up! And so here is some more summing up. Continue reading

Let’s Chat about Pears and Crochet

lotrisone cream price DSC_0262

isoniazid price pears Photo from, link below.

zoom out doxycycline uk I’m writing this at mum and dads and it’s hosing down outside, a real storm. We just had a roast chicken dinner and watched The Witches (90s child right here) and it was hilarious and bizarre and just how I remembered it. I have been crocheting, crocheting. It’s my new love language, or something less lame. It just makes me happy and it’s easy because I can crochet on the bus or in front of the telly or while studying (kind of). I’m making a blanket for my grandmother, Mommo, in Finland that I will take to her in June! I’m crocheting the most delicious mustardy yellow and I just want to make thousands of snuggly, happy blankets in this colour. I have found some other delicious things on the web: pears. So here are some pear-starring recipes from some of my favourites: Nadia Lim, Jamie and Dish Magazine.

I wish I had recipes to share with you of my own creation but the truth is that they take many hours to make and I would go insane (green smoke billowing from the ears and everything) if I tried to fit that in with my current schedule. I don’t like to be one of those people who constantly uses business as an excuse and so I’m doing some Big Thinking about this here blog and it’s future. That aside, I still eat (it’s not really optional) and adore food. So some recipes from the pros because its autumn and it’s pear season and these look super tasty.

Roasted Pear and Gruyere Scones from Dish.

Apple, Pear and Raisin Tarts from Nadia.

Pear Tart Tatin from Jamie. I really want to make this but don’t have a cast iron pan, so I’ll make it in my regular pan and then just bung the pears into and oven-proof dish and continue with the recipe like that. Should work, I think!

Tell me about your weekend. What are you cooking making baking watching or reading? Thanks for reading this little blog and happy pearventures.

P.S you may have noticed (and if you did, you’re a pal) that I didn’t write a Happy Spaces post yesterday. I chose not to post on Anzac Day. 

The Fault in Our Stars [Twenty in Fifteen]

Fault in Our Stars

This little book really packed a punch! A few things to note – I read half of  this and then didn’t read any for about two weeks because my Pop was sick, then Rowan came home from China and then I was sick.  I thought I wouldn’t pick it up again. Then I did, one night in bed, and stayed up till 1 am finishing it. Also note, you will cry all the tears! So, in very short, this book is about a girl who is terminally ill with cancer, and a boy she meets who also has cancer, and the love that forms between them. Lastly note, it is written for a young adult audience, but it’s brilliantly written and well worth reading. You might wonder what the point is in reading such a sad book but I think Hazel is a very insightful character and I enjoyed her perspective on the world and John Green does a superb job of telling her story: the story of a teenage girl’s first encounter with love. Continue reading

Kate Broughton: Etsy Finds


Etsy is way up there with life-changing, awesomerfying inventions of the last decade. I could spend days trawling through wonderful, whimsical creations. Of course, all good things change. That’s a side effect of growth. Sometimes change is good and sometimes it’s not and sometimes it’s a game of wait and see. This year Etsy went public and changed some policies which has been a controversial topic in the realms of the internet. Despite all of this, there are still makers on Etsy who deserve our support. It pays to be aware of the new policies which have modified the definition of handmade. Many sellers are quite transparent and looking at a sellers policies, details and feedback is enough for me to feel comfortable buying from them. One such seller is Kate Broughton whose shop I stumbled upon and instantly fell insanely in love with. She creates gorgeous stationary in her home in the UK. Like seriously, you MUST have a browse. There’s cacti and tea pots and yarn, in stationary form. Have a peruse and if you like, comment and we can chat about handmade, Etsy changes and the cacti movement. I’m eager to hear your thoughts on all of the above. Have a great weekend! :-)

The Blanket: Stage Three

granny four

Here is a wee update on my blanket progress. I have a grand total of 19 squares – almost enough to make a tiny blanket, maybe for Pesto. (Pesto, I love you, but you are so NOT  having this blanket that I have spent hours making, sorry dude). I have added white to all the squares now, which was the original plan but I didn’t have any white yarn when I started out. I’m guessing that a row of white on each will make it easier to sew together. Speaking of which, I plan to start stitching the squares into rows today. This is going to be a bit of trail and error – the best way to learn in my opinion! Crochet, you are super cool. I love that there is a craft that is so satisfying and simple enough for  TV lecture watching podcast listening. I love that it looks like a masterpiece even in its imperfection. I hope you are having a super good week with lots of time for cups of tea and a good book to sink your teeth into (I Just started The Light Between Oceans.) Let me know, what are you making? Are you a crochet wizard or just learning The Dance of the Hook, like me? I’d love to hear about your crochet (or other) adventures!

Blanket stage two.