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The Trip in Sum

triple Tampere Lake The lake (part of) in Tampere, Finland So, you might have noticed an absence of post-trip chatter. So much goes into travelling that isn’t the actual travelling. The planning consumed months of my life. Getting home was a swell of emotions and the jet lag was much worse than I had anticipated. It took me a good week to reset my clock (and my stomach – I think this is where the ‘midnight snack’ originates from). But then there is the other stuff – the processing, the finding a normal and figuring out how to be in your home again which is great (have you met my bed? It’s a giant cloud of happiness) and also weird. But travelling in the shortest possible description is wonderful. It’s wonderful because it’s so challenging. It forces you to expand as a person. It’s wonderful to totally navigate away from everything that is solid in your life and experience shifting ground. It’s wonderful to discover how very good your place in the world is. It’s wonderful to find love on the complete other side of the world (this isn’t a corny romance, you’ll know I’m firmly attached, but love comes in many forms and in family and friends and very special places.) It’s wonderful to taste and see and smell and touch entirely different places. Continue reading

Home substitute lauraHi my readers – if you’re still listening. I just wanted to stop in and say that I am back in New Zealand after five indescribable weeks in Europe. I apologise about the absence of updates while I was away – of course there was a technological issue. I could probably write an entire novel – a Bryce Courtenay brick¬† – on the last five weeks, but I won’t for now. I’m still in the processing stage and still recovering from jet lag (waking up at 4am – seriously uncool) and I don’t want you to read an incoherent novel on your lovely Sunday. I’ll leave you with this cracking great quote from none other than the film, The Princess Diaries, which I watched with my grandmother on my last night in Finland. It left an impression and maybe will inspire your week ahead. Bye for now! Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something is more important than fear. The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all.

Happy Spaces v.35

label coumadin price Happy Spaces (1) - CopyHello dear reader. I’m currently travelling in Europe. This post is one of several posts I wrote before take-off, to keep the Happy Pantry vibe alive while I swan about and eat baguettes (sorry not sorry). Excuse me, if I’m slow to reply to a comment or an email. I do so much appreciate you reading my blog. To my buddies in the South – keep warm and have many mugs of tea and snuggles under blankets.

So for you reading this it’s July (I’m writing it on the 4th of June). July is a good month. The days start to get longer. Spring is in sight (somewhere on the horizon at least) and there is still plenty of time to stay inside, with rain hammering the roof, crocheting or sipping or reading or snoozing or chatting or stitching or cuddling fury pals or planning your summer garden.¬† Enjoy :). Continue reading