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Attachments [Twenty in Fifteen]

xenical uk further Attachments This is your classic boy meets girl story. OK, we have to add the dawn of the internet and the year 1999 to the mix. So, this is the story of a boy, a girl and the internet. But that’s not the full picture. In this story, boy meets girl via email, without her knowledge. Now that you’re sufficiently disturbed, I’ll proceed to tell you that this is a delightful love story. Quite the page-turner, in fact. OK, so I finished this quite some weeks ago but general life happenings like jet lag got in the way of penning down my thoughts. Attachments is Rainbow Rowell’s first book and the third book I’ve read by her. I kind of knew I’d like this. I love Rowell’s writing. Her books aren’t as profound as some of the books I’ve read this year – and it is much more modern, set in the early 2000s – but I loved it all the same, for the same reasons I loved Eleanor and Park and Landline. Rowell can just write really, really well. She has a way of stringing a sentence together that just makes you beam. Continue reading

Crafting Good: #littlesquaresofstrength

еdit littlesquaresofstrength Photo by @teaandfleur shared with permission. license Hi friends. Are you having a good week? I hope so. You will know that I like to make things and that I am an advocate for craft and the goodness that can come from crafty collaboration. For a while now I have followed Fleur of Tea and Fleur on ye old Instagram (@teaandfleur). There is lots of crafty goodness there, as well of cups of tea (my kind of lady) and pretty pictures of the countryside. Lately, little, joyful squares of the crochet, knit or stitchy variety having been popping up in my feed so I had to see what all the fuss was about: it turned out to be quite a good fuss! The squares are all part of the best kind of collaboration – #littlesquaresofstrength –  in which anyone can make a square and pop it in the post to Fleur, who will then kindly make said squares into a fabulous blanket for a fellow woman in much need of some love and friendship. Ah craft, you so good. Read on for some finer details and do join in if you are of the crafty persuasion (or want to be). Continue reading

A Blogger’s Year in Books (So far)

review Year in Books

Hi friends. This is a slightly special post today. I’m collaborating with a bunch of my bloggy pals – we’re all writing on the same topic today, books! Or more specifically, our year in books (so far). It would mean a lot to me if you’d take some time to check out the blogs at the end of this post. We all hang out in an awesome virtual club created by Pip Lincolne. So, let’s talk books. In short: I’ve read 9 books this year out of my goal  to read twenty. 9 books! That’s a whole lot of characters and places and stories and a whole lot of time spent tucked-up (or stretched out) turning the pages. Here are the highs and lows so far. (You can see my full list of reads here). Continue reading

A Thought-Provoking Foray into Kitchen Cupboards and Inboxes

Virtual clutter I work in a library and so I see quite a few ‘trends’ coming and going. One trend at the moment, thought let’s face it, it’s always going to be an issue in the materialistic society we live in, is clutter. Stuff. All those things we love to have that fill up our houses and make us go spare with the clutter-frustra (short for frustration – let’s roll with it). I like stuff. Stuff can give you good times, like pretty things to make your home feel homey. Or good books to read (though I don’t buy those, much). I also like to make stuff. There is literally stuff growing in my lounge, by the stitch. It’s cool. But what about the un-stuff. The stuff that is not really stuff but still forms en masse in our very important virtual spaces. I spend a lot of time with my laptop. I know how to press it’s buttons, and it mine. But it too gets filled up with stuff. Does this stuff stuff-up our spaces just as much as the tangible miscellany lurking in my kitchen cupboards (seriously, who stores a rusty cheese grater? I did until yesterday, apparently). Continue reading

Welcome to the Jumble!


Hi friends. This has been an exiting week for me! I have been planning this blog rebrand for a year! Let me tell you about it. I love food. Like, you have no idea how much I love food. And Happy Pantry was my baby that I poured all that love into. But I got a reality check pretty swiftly: writing about food is really hard work that takes a huge amount of time. I’m a student – there is no time. I also discovered that I like to write about a whole range of different things, like books and plant misadventures and crochet blankets and happiness. You will have noticed that the content of my blog has changed over the last year, to encompass all of these things and the blog rebrand is simply reflecting this. A technical note: the blog is exactly the same, so all the same stuff is still here, it just looks a little different. I hope you like my new hang-out. Maybe you’ll even stop a while? With a big mug of tea of course! Coffee drinkers are welcome too, just keep that on the down-low around here ;). I hope that with a fresh coat of paint, so to speak, I’ll be inspired to write more regular features. I have so many things to share! Thanks for reading, pals. Have a really, really good week (with tea, blankets, movies and some fresh winter air).

The Owl Who Liked Sitting on Caesar [Twenty in Fifteen]

MumbleI haven’t blogged about books for quite a while so it’s time I got caught up. This year I have a goal to read twenty books. This was the 8th book I read. Some fun facts: this is a book about owls (do you like owls as much as I do?), I got this book from Rowan’s mum for Christmas (she is a gift-buying connoisseur), I carted it all around Europe with me and proceeded to take not one single photo of it despite the 1700 photos I did take. This year I have tried to photograph my reads in their ‘natural habitat’ in the hope that the end result will be a gallery showing a sort of snapshot of my life as I read that particular book. Of course this isn’t going well since the only interesting place (as in, not my bed or the couch) I’ve read was all the amazing places in Europe (imagine lake sides, London parks, Finnish country gardens, planes, trains and airports) that I forgot to photograph this book in. Mega sad face. All the tears and face palms. However, one slightly cool thing is that JUST after I finished this book, I saw a real Tawny owl at the the zoo we visited in Germany. Can you spot her? In the tree up there?
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