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How Do You Spring? Spring (2)So, I think we can all agree that September disappeared like a Berocca in a tall glass of water. But maybe spring is like that? It’s sort of jammed between the long, gloomy winter and the descending of summer. And it’s so bitsy. It rains albatrosses one day and the next you’re ripping of layers and winding down windows and noticing buds popping up and flowers blooming. It’s also busy. For me it’s the end of a semester which means chunky assignments and exams. It’s also new starts. I start the summer semester on the 16th of November (hold on to your hats, I’m doing a history paper!). So what does spring mean for you? Continue reading

The Secret Life of James Cook [Twenty in Fifteen]

transport silagra price in bangladesh LauraandthebookOK folks. Book 10. Halfway. It’s the end of September. At this point I can foresee that it’s unlikely that I will reach my goal of 20, but I’m perfectly OK with that. Some goals aren’t about the end result. Some goals are more about what happens on the way there. I read books this year and that makes me happy. So to James Cook. There aren’t too many things that can go wrong with a book about Cook. It’s destined to be a fascinating read. Luckily Graeme Lay has a way with words and has created a book that you can plough through (almost as if you were on the Endeavour itself). Continue reading

Do You Listen to the Radio?

contract RadioYesterday was sunny. It felt closer to summer than spring. I think the weather does this to keep us on alert because today it’s grey and windy. But under that yesterday sunshine I went walking. I walked to the post office and bought some stamps. I posted my letters (how satisfying!). I walked to  the Hospice Shop and deposited a very heavy bag of books and wished I wasn’t wearing a wool jumper. I had a browse. I visited the antique shop at the end of the long road and the vintage store on the corner of the dodgey intersection. The antique shop was even more full than last time I visited. It has a literal mountain of baskets in one room. All the walkways around the shop are lined with framed art – you have to be very stealthy. You can look and look. I didn’t buy anything, that’s OK. Also yesterday, I made a discovery. Another great reason to love second-hand shops. They all play the radio. So I listened as I browsed the mountains and navigated the paintings. Continue reading

How Great are Pets?

manufacture DSC_0386So very great. Today I said good bye to one of my favourite fur babies. Sam. Old Gal. Big Lump. Samantha! Sammy. She’s had a good run and now she’s destined for new places. I spent the weekend at mum and dad’s, eating and drinking cups of tea in the sun (we know how to have a good time). Before I headed home I gave Sam a smooch on the nose, patted her silky ears, draped myself over her and told her to look out for our old cat Cookie. She’s 13. She walks down to the garden like a drunk, still determined to survey the estate but she won’t be there next time I head to mum and dad’s. I’ll miss the sound of her snoring (which you can hear throughout the house) and the clip-clop of her toe nails on the hardwood floor. Fur babies, right? So many, many good times. So many funny anecdotes. So much zest for life. So many hugs. We are so lucky. When I arrived home I was greeted by my two boys (the greetings are the best). My fiance (ah, I just had to say that!) showed me the latest website he’s making. Pesto the cat stopped eating his biscuits and came and sniffed me hello (probably because he thought I’d brought food). Later this afternoon, we found Pesto under our bed, snuffling about, bum in the air, tail waggling. Probably a lizard, we said. He was relentless so we pulled out the only thing under the bed – an old xbox case – and, with me lying on the floor right next to it, Row pried the lid off. Of course it wasn’t a lizard. Of course it was a little brown mouse. Of course the mouse took a mad leap out of the box. I screamed and hurtled onto the bed. Pesto darted for the mouse. Rowan burst out laughing. We both laughed (and quickly shut Pesto and his mouse outside). We laughed, like we do every single day. Pesto is a constant source of joy (and fluff) in our life. Sam had a good life and she made us (and especially my mum and my pop) very happy. Onwards, Sam. There are some young legs and a salty sea breeze waiting for ya.

buy letrozole uk condense That’s Sam in the photo, about one year ago, still looking chipper.

That Time I Bought an Ottoman (On Tuesday)

OttomanHi friends. I hope your week has started off on the right foot. Mine started nicely. I will tell you the story of the new ottoman. Last week I bought a new-to-me ottoman. I like old furniture the best. Old furniture typically has good bones. For about a year now I have been trying to ‘fix’ the random non-room between our kitchen  and lounge which is like a dining room. It is a very clunky space because it has only one usable wall (the others have doors, or archways or open space). I am trying to make it into a nice reading crocheting sitting and drinking tea spot. I bought the ottoman second-hand off Trade Me (which is a New Zealand website where you can auction off stuff). I snapped it up because in good old-furniture style, it is dual-functioning. It is basically a big box with a seat on top. After MUCH reorganisation, sorting and cleaning, the space is starting to come together! Yay for Sunday’s. Yay for the sun that poured in as I cleaned. Continue reading

Happy Spaces v.36

Happy Spaces

Hi friends and happiest of Saturdays to you! You might have wondered what happened to the monthly installment of Happy Spaces. Did it get left in Germany? Well, put simply, I just wanted to spend some time thinking about good old Happy Spaces and it’s place on The Lovely Jumble. Good news: it’s back. Better news: it’s Saturday and here are some nice things to peruse. I’m going to spend today rearranging furniture (yay!), crocheting and baking. I need a day like this. I hope you have a nice day planned too. Continue reading