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A Tale of Two Exams


Hi friends. I hope you are having a really nice Saturday. The sun is out properly here. It actually feels a bit like summer! Today I sat an exam, which signals the end of this paper and this semester (all going to plan, fingers crossed etc). Phew! Thank heavens that is DONE. It honestly feels like you have clouds inside you, post-exam. Or sunshine. Or something more accurate and less crappy poetry. The interesting thing is that I can’t help but think back 5 months to the last exam I sat. The one where two days later I got on a plane and flew to Germany. That one. The one where it was June and it was cold and gloomy. And there were screeds of thoughts racing through my mind. The one where I was close to freaking out and oddly calm. Continue reading

A Lovely Update

Garden Oct 15_edited

Hi blog friends. Wow, it looks like it’s been a while since I wrote a post, ae? That’s maybe a bit slack on my part but to be fair October has been a super busy month, with all the things that I do that aren’t blog-related (or blog-worthy, ahem, exam revision). Does this happen to you? Everything seems to happen in the same month. I can tell you that in October, up and down the country are students just as square-eyed and brain-pickled as me, facing exams over the next few weeks (go well, fellow students!). I’m lucky in that I only have one exam, but one can be enough to throw you into a spin (especially when you basically slacked off for the last 12 weeks – don’t do that). Here are some things that I’ve been doing (other than squinting at terms like ‘agenda setting’). Continue reading

Craft for the Soul [Twenty in Fifteen]

Craft for the Soul (2)

Something a bit different and non-novelly in the mix today. I actually finished this a few weeks ago. I went through this maddened reading burst and read three books in very quick succession. This was one. I quite enjoyed reading something crafty and practical while also reading novels. A good way to mix things up. So, this is a book by Pip Lincolne, super blog lady at Meet Me At Mikes and a whole bunch of cool things besides. If you’ve come across Pip’s other books the first thing you should know about this one is that it is very different to her other books but still very Pip! Also you should know that I liked it a lot. Here’s why. Continue reading

Happy Spaces v.37

Happy SpacesIt’s a bit odd and a bit great that I have written 37 versions of this post with happy things on the internet. I like to think that that is a good reminder that there are good things happening on the internet all the time: it’s not just doom and gloom. I think you have to navigate very carefully through the sea that is the internet. Trust your gut. Don’t click on that thing that you KNOW leads nowhere special. But maybe click on some of these things that I think are all nice things. (By the bye, I’ve decided to write this post on the 5th of every month. Always on the 5th! Which may be a Saturday but may also be on any other day. And for trivia’s sake, will once a year be on my birthday and once a year on Pesto’s birthday. How nice. Have a very excellent 5th!) Continue reading