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Spring falling into Summer


Well looky here. If that isn’t a handsome lettuce then I don’t know what is. Something weird happened this week. The bubble burst. The temperature changed really dramatically, really quickly and it got hot, hot. Today we ended up at the beach standing in the tide, under the beating sun, regretting our lack of swim suits (in November, no less). At home everything is looking very perky. Peas are flowering, grapes are graping. Like for the last five years I have a bit of a love hate relationship with the old garden. Weeds, masses of watering, clingy bugs, sun burnt basil, untangling the hose, seeds that don’t sprout and yet more weeds (cue fist waving). But here are some of the good things: those pretty flowers, bright happy lettuce, peas that get tangled up but flower never the less, teeny tiny grapes, a freshly weeded patch of dirt, all of the greenery, growing something, figuring it all out. What’s sprouting at your place?


Coz you’ve had a bad day…


You know those days? Yeah…those days. They really blow all of the wind right out of you and make you feel flat as an omelet…and also a bit teary and mopey. Sometimes you have those days where you want to shout, and may in fact shout at anyone who is willing to listen, why is adulting SO HARD. I just want to play on the swings and eat coke bottles out of a little, white paper bag. Well, today was one of those days: I wanted to sock one of my customers and also shout at him a bit and ask him “where did your manners go?”. In another matter, I got a no instead of a yes. I also wondered why on earth adults twice my age are so utterly hopeless at basic, polite communication. I cried quietly behind a closed door and loudly in my fiances big, warm hug. I cringed at the polar blast as I lumbered along in the half-rain to my Pilates class with an achey head and a heavy heart (it’s the middle of November!! Why does it feel like it’s snowing?).

And then I buried my nose in my warm cats belly and breathed in his wheaty smell and grinned at his paw dabbing my head. I opened a special and very timely package from my good pal. I drank nice tea out of a new favourite mug. Martin Luther King’s “darkness cannot drive out darkness” looped through my mind and I thought of Paris, I thought, it’s just a bad day, it’s microscopic, I’m so lucky. I cooked a pot of bubbly, fragrant dahl – a staple – and felt it’s warmth spread through me and fill me to the brim. I snuggled in my tartan sleeping bag and looked at the pretty posy on my coffee table. I breathed out.

Let yourself have bad days and let them fade away. Don’t let them keep you. Smell your cat. Cook the special, or simple, dinner. Fold yourself in hugs. Sit in the sun or hunker under a boofy quilt. Sleep it off (shake it off is so last year).

And, if you don’t have a cat, there is always pumpkin the raccoon.

Two Towns

Church steps

Hello! I’m pretty excited because today I’m writing a post in collaboration with my friend Jacquie who lives at birdandfox. I think that one of the interesting things about reading blogs is that you get to see that all sorts of people are dotted all over the world. The world is big! This is my (tiny) corner of it. Jacquie and I each came up with some questions to answer about the place where we live. Fun? I can’t wait to read Jac’s post! And here is a snippet of my corner of the world neck of the woods other idiom.

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Happy Spaces v.38

Happy Spaces

Hi friends (internet and otherwise). I’m having the most leisurely day. Yesterday I completed the last Big Task. October was intense: attending a conference, a (busy) holiday, giving a speech, being in a parade, one large assignment, one exam, a concert, and lastly, teaching my first class at work. Phew! Done. Now I have two weeks off before I start my next paper. The sun is pouring in and I’m on the major go-slow. It is good! I hope you are good too. Here are some happy things! Continue reading