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Tidbits: Sweden

From Fine Little Day, link below. From Fine Little Day, link below.

Hi friends. For the past two years I have shared ‘Happy Spaces’, in various forms. Links to online delights, or interesting reads or (hopefully) scrumptious recipes. I feel like changing things up a bit. Is that cool? So now I’m going to share ‘tidbits’ – various reads in Happy Spaces style but perhaps with an interesting angle. Today we are visiting Sweden! Ja! Continue reading

Christchurch Round Two

Regent Street


You might remember a post I wrote two years ago, if you’ve been reading for a while about a little trip I took south to the city of Christchurch. I wrote about how broken and sad and disorientating the city was. How favourite places had collapsed and mostly, how the city had simply vanished into empty lots. I am beyond pleased to report an update on our big city south. An opportunity popped up for me to tag along on a multi-missioned road trip this weekend and so of course I packed my bag and went on my way. I’m beyond pleased to say there was a lot less heartbreak the second time around. What a city!

  Continue reading

Around in Circles


The ability to think about thinking or to talk about talking is unique to humans. Yesterday we reached the conclusion that Pesto the cat’s sole purpose in the world is to eat to grow fur and so it goes. Food in, fur out. Constantly. But Pesto the cat is happy and we are endlessly happy because of him. Getting all profound here, life is full of these circles. Recently we went on a very brief, very simple holiday to a house by the windy seaside. This holiday could have been the very definition of the word perfect, rain storms and confused tides included. On said holiday we talked a lot about the circle of the digital world. Continue reading

Reviews in a Flash!

The Boxtrolls

Hi friends. Today I’m going to share six movies I’ve watched recently with a rapid-fire review of each. I could probably write a Nicholas Nickleby sized review for some of these but I’ll let you form your own opinions. I also think that quite often you don’t need to know much about a movie at all, going in. But maybe you need some help choosing? I’m always on the prowl for new movies to watch. So here are my recommendations, with links to IMDb. Go there to read a summary. These are movies I’ve watched in the last few weeks – I love having more movie watching time over the festive season! Continue reading

Goodbye Old Friend

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Hi everyone. See that weird bit of text up there? That’s me tidying up loose ends. A few months ago I made the move to a new blog name with a new look and new domain (www). That was an exciting move. (Who new you could move in virtual spaces?!). Happy Pantry was my baby for a long time – first theoretically and then in reality (though Elizabeth Gilbert wisely advises us never to call creative projects our babies). But The Lovely Jumble feels more comfortable, like a well-worn pair of slippers. Recently, getting a tiny bit technical here, the time to renew the Happy Pantry domain popped up, and after much procrastinating I decided to let it go, let it sail back out into the sea of creativity. I utterly adore the Happy Pantry concept and it feels strange letting it float off into the sunset (can you tell I’ve been at the beach for three days?) but it’s no longer logical or necessary to hang onto it for dear life. So if you are still navigating here via the old name, you won’t be able to soon. The Lovely Jumble is where it’s at! ( Thanks! I’ll be back soon with some breezy posts hatched at the seaside. xx

The Blankets of 2015

Crochet squaresGuys! It’s a new year! Fancy that. I hope you are having nice times at the start of 2016. Well I kind of wanted to write this post *last year* but there was coffee ice cream to be eaten and you know, it got away on me. Some big things happened in 2015 like, ahem, going to Europe and getting engaged (not at the same time) but one of the best things that happened was that I learnt how  to crochet which basically means that my life is now awesome. I really like crafts but learning how to crochet was like re-finding your favourite pair of pants…and never wanting to take them off. Here are the things I crocheted this year, or as in most cases, started crocheting. Continue reading