Monthly Archives: February 2016

This Weekend: Some Photos

Bread rising

Hi everyone. Is everyone feeling as depressed as am that it is Sunday evening? I always get a touch of the Sunday blues. On a less grey note, this weekend I did not have to work OR study which is basically a work of God, or just, ya know, timing. I decided at some point that despite the high 20s heat I would not retreat to my bed a la sloth but would in fact Do Nice Things. Here are some of the nice things. Continue reading

Stuff on the Blue Shelf


I met a lady this week, an elderly woman who I had a nice long chat with about ‘stuff’. We talked about ruby engagement rings, coffee cup sets, souvenirs and 100 year old books. We talked about the time she went to Australia and how her ‘Australian things’ remind her of when she was younger and travelled. She had a dilemma: too many special things and where to put them. We talked about the things in her spare room, packed into boxes for the charity shops to collect. And then she told me about the blue shelf. Continue reading

The Books of 2015: A List


Apparently it is now the second month of the ‘new year’ which is just a bit strange, don’t ya think? I mean, it was only a few weeks ago (it feels) that we were waving goodbye to 2015 and now look at us, well and truly in 2016. I’m actually quite liking 2016. It’s been a bit mad really. I won’t go into it today but between work and study, various summer activities, two trips away and helping my dad with his new pizza venture it’s been all go. Anyway, I never got to finish writing about the books I read last year on my ‘twenty in fifteen’ reading challenge. So, spoiler alert, I did not read twenty books but I DID read sixteen really excellent ones.  I was going to write a wee summary of each book but I kind of feel like I’ve done that to death (and you probably know that I LOVED All the Light We Cannot See and HATED Gone Girl.) So here’s a list in the order I read them,  followed by some thoughts on 2016. Continue reading

The WIPs


Hi friends in the internet. Today I will share some crafty things. If you have dabbled in craftiness you will be familiar with the acronym ‘WIP’. It will likely be your great love and the bane of your existence. Crafty pursuits often fall smack bang in both camps. Before you get any weird ideas, let’s cut to the chase. A WIP is simply a work in progress, usually of the craft persuasion and most crafters will have more than one work in progress at any one time (sometimes into the double digits!). I’m writing this post in collaboration with some other cool bloggers. In fact, it was Catherine from Saint Cardigan’s idea. Thanks Catherine! (Check out her post here). Continue reading