Peaches, Curry and Postmodernity grade Peaches on the bench

prilosec prescription dose revise The season is changing. All the time, at these times of year, you have conversations that go “I LOVE the heat, winter blargh!” and “I can’t wait for the soupy cosiness of autumn”. I’m firmly in camp autumn. Firmly. I don’t think anyone really likes being cold, or weeks of grey skies and rain, or a nose turned pink after huddling up a hill in the dark after work because yes it’s dark when you finish now. Nope. BUT I do very, very much like a cooler clime. See, I don’t do well in the heat. I shrivel up into a prune. I become as useful as sock without it’s pair. Or a broken rubber band. I turn into a floppy heap. So yeah, I’m excited about this change in the air. The literal change of a wisp of cool. And so here are just some things happening now at the turn of the season. – Peaches. Despite my absolute lack of any gardening skills and despite having the saddest excuse for a garden (it can only grow huge, grassy weeds, well) we do, quite miraculously, have a peach tree full of peaches (we’re renters). We’ve lived here for four years and it has never produced any quantifiable amount of peaches. Until now. There are peaches piling up on the bench. I’m contemplating jam. I like how fruit and vegetables come in waves. Like it’s all peaches and then it won’t be and right now we can just bask in peachy glory.

tizanidine price classify Dough– Feasts. It’s six o’clock and I’m basically just killing time until we can eat dinner (my life in sum). There is a delicious feast in the fridge! Last night I prepared a big meal. It took quite a lot of time and stirring and waiting for dough to rise and such. Yesterday was a pesky, muddley day where we didn’t fit in the groceries. I decided to unmuddle the day.  I made some dough and popped it in the cosy linen closet. I love dough making! And then I wandered to the supermarket and bought some fixings for the feast. I made River Cottage dhal and Jamie O’s green curry with beans and turned the dough into flat breads. All the elements on the stove were going at once! The best part is that there is enough left for tonight. Yay! review Curry feast– Learning. I’ve started the first semester of the year and one of the papers I’m studying is about popular culture. It’s a very gritty, theoretical paper that looks at all sorts of theories and theorists like Postmodernity and Marxism. So my life is basically this weird mash up (heh, how postmodern) of every daily conversation and action being somehow sucked into one theoretical concept or another.

– The great yarn catastrophe of ’16. I ran out of yarn. Now I have to go to the judgey yarn shop and get a bit more yarn, insert sigh here. Almost finished though and it got big, guys! I think it’s secretly growing on its own accord.

Crochet in March– A wedding. So here’s something random (it seems random). I’m getting married next year (gasp, applause, giddy dancing etc). So in between the peaches and curry eating and the postmodern and other stuff like work and basking in autumnal breezes, I’m managing to spend about 600 hours a day looking at All the Wedding Things. Just thought I’d slip that in there…I think being a B2B* (bride-to-be) allows me to act in a totally deranged fashion for the next 12 months so WATCH OUT.

*Legit acronym.

So, what’s happening in your autumnal (or springy!) world? Do tell.

4 thoughts on “Peaches, Curry and Postmodernity

  1. Carolyn

    is there any better season than Autumn? No, there is not. I will never tire of seeing the beautiful colourful leaves even if it does mean A LOT of raking in my front garden! Bit of crispness in the air, no more dripping with perspiration just from the mere act of sitting. ‘Tis truly lovely! Now that we have sort of started cooling down in Melbourne, I can get some lentils back in the stove, start thinking about some soup making (is there anything better to eat?) and enjoy the feeling of a growing crochet blanket on my knees. Enjoy being a B2B. Exciting times!

    1. Laura Post author

      I love your description of autumn, Carolyn. All wonderful things! Soup and crochet and the crisp air. I hope you are having nice times.

  2. Isabel

    Hey Laura! You have a peach tree? #jealous. I made a peach dessert the other night, it was 6 peaches, stoned (not THAT kind of stoned :) with a little bit of flesh scooped out, then you mix the flesh with brown sugar, an egg, chopped almonds, and crumbled amaretti biscuits, then bake the peaches in a buttered pie dish for half an hour. ‘Twas delish! You are very lucky having a peach tree.
    Your blanket looks ace. Why is your yarn shop judgey? That’s no good.
    I should totes try to make my own flat breads one time, we have a lot of dahl in the freezer that needs to be eaten. Yum!
    I’m an autumn fan too. I enjoy all the seasons really. I don’t know which I’d choose if I had to go with one. Maybe spring, because I like the smell of jasmine and all the freesias popping up in the grass.
    Have a great week Laura! xx Isabel

    1. Laura Post author

      Hi Isabel. We do have a peach tree! It’s kind of funny because our yard is quite sad. It’s on a slope and looks at the back of ugly concrete buildings and there is absolutely nothing to love about it – apart from the peach tree! Your dessert sounds excellent. I might have to make a peach dessert. Well, I recently found out that the yarn shop is owned and run by a Brethren family. I have nothing against religion but they always look at my funny when I go there! I must not be a suitable purchaser of yarn. You should make some flat breads! They’re easy but a little time consuming. I could send you the recipe if you like. I hope you’re having nice times in Melbourne! Thanks for the comment. :)


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