Taking Stock

еstablish clenbuterol canada breadEvery year, or actually just all the time, I want to somehow wrap up all the good things that are happening and hold them in the palm of my hand. I want to somehow see all these good things lined up and nod at them, ‘thank you’. It’s hard to do that. So much happens: days blur into weeks and the times slides by. I’ve come to the realisation, at 24, that these really are our golden years. We’ll have more golden years. We’ll have golden years with babies in them, and hopefully when we’re old and wise. But these years are pretty great. We’re obviously not rolling about in money, or ‘living the dream’ but there is something kind of special about right now. And so here is a wee list of my 2016 so far and all the peachy bits of now.

cephalexin price mediate – Making bread. I discovered Hugh’s magic dough this year and it has opened up the world of bread.  This year for the first time I made rolls and naan. The bread world is my oyster! My favourite bits are kneading dough and taking the golden, finished product out of the oven. And the smell, the smell is superb!

develop https://healthandsciencecenter.com/37217-citalopram-price.html – Which leads me to the next point: Hugh. I just really like Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, okay? And his book Veg is ace!

renew http://hanovertwpbeaver.com/24572-fucidin-crema-costo.html – Getting married. So, we actually haven’t done that yet, but we are planning our wedding and it makes me FULL TO THE BRIM of happiness that I get to marry my best friend next year.

http://mindfulmess.place/50726-calcium-carbonate-powder-where-to-buy.html zero in – Some great books. I started this year reading a lot, and then it fizzled out. But books are still the ebb and flow of my life. I’m currently reading Speak by Louisa Hall which is bizarre and wonderful. It spans multiple view points, multiple eras (including the 23rd century), multiple places and is told through letters, diaries, memoirs and so on. And it’s about AI, so, how interesting!

– Socks and jumpers. Because it’s autumn and autumn wins.

– Making delicious curry-y things again. And having excellent feasts with the fam. I recommend the green curry sauce featured in this recipe.

– Listening to National Radio and learning about all the strange things in the world. Like T-Rex collectors, buffalo mozzarella, Taika Waititi’s new film and the great rhino relocation plan. (I hope you can access these stories if you are outside of NZ, please let me know if you can’t!)

– Looking through Etsy and remembering my love of vintage dresses. Exhibit A.

– Stopping at dads pizza cart for a chat, tea and to collect some dough for bread roll making.

– Pesto’s hilarious routines such as tapping my phone when my alarm goes off and gently gnawing on my shoulder if I ignore the alarm. (Remember he’s a giant ball of fur and tail and the complete opposite of graceful).


2 thoughts on “Taking Stock

  1. Isabel

    Hey Laura! You are so right, these ARE the golden years. I think all years are the golden years, really. Sounds like so many wonderful things are happening in your life at the moment. A wedding to plan, bread to bake, books to read and jumpers and socks to wear. The simple pleasures are the best. I don’t believe there is such a thing as ‘making it’, to be honest. The more you find happiness in the little things, the more chances you have of being happy all the time, rather than, say, waiting for a trip to Paris or a great new job or whatever, and thinking ‘THEN I’ll truly be happy’…it’s not the way it works.

    Mum and I saw the preview for Waititi’s new film at the cinema last week, it looks hilarious. Can’t wait to see it. We were watching The Daughter, an Australian film directed by a guy I went to uni with, Simon Stone. It was eery and sad and beautiful, I would recommend it (if you get Aussie films over there…do you?). Thanks for sharing your Taking Stock with us! I loved reading it. xx

    1. Laura Post author

      Hey Isabel! I do agree, I think each day has things in it that really make our lives what they are. Simple pleasures like the excellent autumn weather we’re having and admiring the leaves turning orange are enough for me! Oh I’ll have to check out the Aussie film it sounds really interesting. I’m sure we get Australian films here. If not perhaps it will come in the International Film Festival later in the year. Thanks for your comment Isabel :)


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