That Time I Went to Kew prioritize Cacti 2Last year I went to Europe and took approximately 756 photos. Those photos now live tucked up in a folder on my desktop in one of the saddest relisations of the twenty first century.  I only wrote one or two posts about my trip and so I thought I would share a few more snippets. When we decided to go to London the trip was planned around ticking two very special things off my bucket list: Kew and the Natural History Museum (I’m like the funnest person ever, right?). To my amazement both of these places far exceeded my expectations. If you haven’t been to Kew it’s an absolutely massive botanical garden with a rich history. It’s like one of those places with a surprise around every corner if it had like 570 corners. There was just so much to see. One of the most fascinating things was the Marianne North Gallery, featuring more than 800 botanical paintings from around the world from the nineteenth century, which could not be photographed. Anyway, here are a few of the photos I took.

combine GlasshouseCactiPalmPondLilys Palm house Kew

4 thoughts on “That Time I Went to Kew

  1. Jacquie

    dapoxetine usa approval LONDON, BABY! Man, I didn’t get to go to either of these when I was in London. Definitely regret it. I think I just needed more time – there’s so much to see over there. I love your photo of the lily pads – what a great shot! And the massive greenhouse. It looks so intriguing and reminds me of an episode of this murder mystery series I love, Rosemary & Thyme (which I’m pretty sure is aimed at 60s+…so I fit right in!)

    I like seeing your photos from your trip. And you ARE the funnest person ever :D

    Okay, I’m going to do my work now.

    1. Laura Post author

      Best Friends reference ever. I think with London, or any travelling, there will always be some form of regret. You can’t do it all! But hey, you’re a youngin’, you’ll go again!! The greenhouse is full of every kind of palm imaginable – just spectacular. I could have sat on one of those lily pads!

      And thanks – we can be fun together with our museums and 60s+ TV shows. Fun is subjective!

  2. Isabel

    Hey Laura! I agree with Jacquie, those lily pads are amaaaaaazing.

    You’re so restrained only putting 7 of the 756 photos you took up on your blog…more please!


    1. Laura Post author

      The lily pads were amazing and I almost didn’t go into that conservatory! I’ll have to have a look through the rest of the photos and put another post together! :)


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