Thank You and Goodnight

Hi dear friends,

I’ve decided to stop writing here for a while. The reason is two-fold. You may have noticed that this blog is a bit of mess with funky links not working and so on. I simply do not have time to get it all spiffy and shiny-new (do you want to see my to do list?) but I feel a bit mopey writing when it is like that. It makes me feel like a crap blogger.

The other reason is that for some reason (nesting? pending 25th birthday?) I feel really focused on my career at the moment. But write I must, so I’ve created a new blog (yep, another one). It’s very simple and bare-bones so I can focus on writing. If you fancy it, do pop over and have a read. I would like that (but if you want to give me the silent treatment that’s cool too).

My new blog is called Letters to the Zoo and it lives here

It’s all about books, movies, weird library shenanigans and the internet. Thank you for reading, here, friends. It’s actually one of the best things, to get to write and that maybe someone will read it.

Bye for now,


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