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ciplox tz price Hello! Welcome to The Lovely Jumble (formerly Happy Pantry).

http://aetpodcast.com/39420-duphaston-usa.html assemble I’m Laura, I’m 24 and I live on a sunny hillside in New Zealand with my fiance Rowan. I work in a library and am studying Media Studies at Massey University. Mostly, I like to make things. If you like meerkats, Wes Anderson films, drinking tea, yarn, growing tomatoes, adventures, reading under the covers, second-hand, and stacks of recipe books then pull up a chair. We’re going to have a smashing time.

If you have a poke around you’ll find crafty discussions, book reviews, odes to crochet, recipes, over-exposed photos of my garden that I love and loath in equal measures and lots and lots of good vibes.

I try to write about the good moments in the world that can seem few and far between in times of change and crisis. The media is great at proclaiming the world a lost cause, but let me tell you a secret: good triumphs. It can be found in a hot mug of tea, in the pages of a great book, in the stitches of a crochet blanket that while away the hours and in these moments shared.

So please have a browse. I hope you find something of interest here and (failing that) I love to get suggestions. I’ll reply to your comment on a post or to an email. I’m hanging out on Instagram too and you can catch me there @thelovelyjumble.

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8 thoughts on “About

  1. Katie

    Wonderful blog Laura…lovely writing, and gorgeous photos! It’ll be interesting to follow you as you tick things off your lists – though lists can be like tomato plants, they can grow in all sorts of unexpected and interesting ways!

  2. Steven

    Woot first comment! I think. Assuming these comments are public. Your website is awesome!! I’ll be a regular visitor :) I must take some photos of my tomato plants too, they’re small but there’s a heap of them.

    1. Laura

      Thanks Jess! And thanks for visiting :) Hows your blog going? Can’t believe that its only been one week of Blog with Pip. So much to learn!


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