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The WIPs

refine Softies

strategize Hi friends in the internet. Today I will share some crafty things. If you have dabbled in craftiness you will be familiar with the acronym ‘WIP’. It will likely be your great love and the bane of your existence. Crafty pursuits often fall smack bang in both camps. Before you get any weird ideas, let’s cut to the chase. A WIP is simply a work in progress, usually of the craft persuasion and most crafters will have more than one work in progress at any one time (sometimes into the double digits!). I’m writing this post in collaboration with some other cool bloggers. In fact, it was Catherine from Saint Cardigan’s idea. Thanks Catherine! (Check out her post here). Continue reading

The Blankets of 2015 Crochet squaresGuys! It’s a new year! Fancy that. I hope you are having nice times at the start of 2016. Well I kind of wanted to write this post *last year* but there was coffee ice cream to be eaten and you know, it got away on me. Some big things happened in 2015 like, ahem, going to Europe and getting engaged (not at the same time) but one of the best things that happened was that I learnt how  to crochet which basically means that my life is now awesome. I really like crafts but learning how to crochet was like re-finding your favourite pair of pants…and never wanting to take them off. Here are the things I crocheted this year, or as in most cases, started crocheting. Continue reading

16 Crafty Things to Do in 2016

Frankie oven mitts Image from Frankie.

So, that’s the first time I’ve typed 2016. Weird. Good weird, though, right? Each year I like to write a little list of ‘things to be done’. Small things and big things. This year I was so….distracted, that I didn’t get my usual craft on. Which makes me a little blue. Because no matter what you achieve, doing the things that make you feel content are always a day month year well spent. So more craft in 2016. Keen? I have compiled a fairly epic list of crafty tutes to get you through the new year. From crochet to cacti – see what takes your fancy. Continue reading

Crafting Good: #littlesquaresofstrength

littlesquaresofstrength Photo by @teaandfleur shared with permission.

Hi friends. Are you having a good week? I hope so. You will know that I like to make things and that I am an advocate for craft and the goodness that can come from crafty collaboration. For a while now I have followed Fleur of Tea and Fleur on ye old Instagram (@teaandfleur). There is lots of crafty goodness there, as well of cups of tea (my kind of lady) and pretty pictures of the countryside. Lately, little, joyful squares of the crochet, knit or stitchy variety having been popping up in my feed so I had to see what all the fuss was about: it turned out to be quite a good fuss! The squares are all part of the best kind of collaboration – #littlesquaresofstrength –  in which anyone can make a square and pop it in the post to Fleur, who will then kindly make said squares into a fabulous blanket for a fellow woman in much need of some love and friendship. Ah craft, you so good. Read on for some finer details and do join in if you are of the crafty persuasion (or want to be). Continue reading

On Sticky Creativity: Settler or Sampler


I have always liked to make things. You might not know this unless you’re my mum. In my ‘tween’ years (late childhood to adolescence) I bounced from craft to craft, not settling. I made scrapbooks starring my pets. I was a devoted scrapbookee. Then I did cross-stitch and made cute bookmarks with foxes on. I tried to learn how to sew and sewed half a bright purple leopard print bag (can you imagine!). I was fairly rubbish at sewing. Patience was not something I possessed in great helpings. There was, somewhere in me, an unhappiness with the state of crafty things. I couldn’t settle. When I was 20, I got up in the blustering cold, took a bus and attended a painting class every week for a whole term. I was RUBBISH at painting but proudly and naively soldiered on. I continued in my search. Then, two years ago, I taught myself to sew. I like sewing but don’t have as much time for it as I like. So to knitting – therapeutic, telly-appropriate and also boring and hard (unless you want to make very plain scarves – just MY opinion). What then? What was it to be? Crochet? Continue reading

In Which I’m Not Sorry for Crocheting My Grandmother a Blanket


A few weeks ago, the New York Times ran an article by Emily Matchar titled ‘Sorry, Etsy, That Handmade Scarf Won’t Save the World‘. The title alone makes me want to slap the writer about the face and I don’t usually slap people. Wonderful Betsy Greer (who wrote this great book) responded and I enjoyed and head-nodded along to her argument. Mollie Makes shared her response. Can we just back way up for a second. I am a maker. One of these people the article is ripping on. I ALSO buy things off Etsy and from fellow makers. I have NEVER said that craft could change the world. I doubt anyone thinks that knitting a sock will halt global warming in its path or that learning to sew will shut down conglomerate companies that the majority buy their clothes off. Nope. That is SO not the point terramycin ointment price train . I think writer Emily Matchar, among other things, is quite naive to think that anything will create great change in the face of these huge, consuming societal problems BUT she is more naive to think that craft has no effect, to write it off so quickly, and to make us crafters out as a bunch of snobs. I’m pretty sure there is a saying about this – many hands make light work. That’s one. I believe there are more. Continue reading