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Reviews in a Flash!

The Boxtrolls

Hi friends. Today I’m going to share six movies I’ve watched recently with a rapid-fire review of each. I could probably write a Nicholas Nickleby sized review for some of these but I’ll let you form your own opinions. I also think that quite often you don’t need to know much about a movie at all, going in. But maybe you need some help choosing? I’m always on the prowl for new movies to watch. So here are my recommendations, with links to IMDb. Go there to read a summary. These are movies I’ve watched in the last few weeks – I love having more movie watching time over the festive season! Continue reading

Oh look, Christmas!

Flora Waycott cards

It feels super weird writing about Christmas. Like, hang on, I’m pretty sure it’s October. I don’t want to be that person who says “this is PREPOSTEROUS. Where HAS the year gone?” and mostly I don’t think that. So much happened this year. But this tail end of the year always seems to disappear into a puff of festive smoke, leaving me grappling for a hint of the Christmas spirit. Grapple I will! Here are three nice wee things from NZ land very much in the Christmas spirit: something crafty, a tasty treat, something to buy for your beloved (or your dog). Merry Grappling! Continue reading

Life Lessons from a Linguistics Assignment


Let me tell you about my friend, The Linguistics Assignment. It has a cutesy nickname, that I won’t share on the blog in case you have sensitive ears (eyes?). I’ll give you some advice, free of charge, linguistics is hard. It’s hard when its 27 degrees. It’s hard when it’s Christmas. It’s hard when you can’t entirely wrap your head around the difference between style and genre, or pragmatics and communicative competence. Here is the thing though: hard is not bad, hard is learning. I’m in my first year of a comms degree, and lots and lots of people are probably thinking ‘damn girl, you’re just getting started’ and I know that, in some way, but this assignment, this was the hardest one I’ve done yet. From this assignment  I learnt three valuable life lessons, that could be applied to study or to any sort of project or creative endeavour, or quite possibly, just to life itself: bit by bit, push through, take a break.

Continue reading

A Recipe for Winter


1. Make ginger beer, watch The Way Way Back and pretend its summer.

2. Go for a swim. Seek out your local pool and go for a dip. Trust me on this one. Better yet, splash out on a new suit and swim every week (puns always intended).

3. Rearrange your living room or bedroom. Nothing is more refreshing.

4. Plant some herbs. Everyone needs a little greenery on their porch, especially when everything else is grey.

5. Bake a cake or six. Indulge. Its winter. (You may wish to skip step 2).

6. Build a fort. Hang out with your cat and some ace snacks in said fort. Works especially well if rain is hammering at the windows.

7. Get out of the house. Go to a movie or a show or a warm cafe. I can’t wait to see Ernest and Celestine!

8. Have a pot-luck dinner party. I call shotgun on making dessert.

9. Subscribe to a lovely magazine and do a small dance by your letterbox when it arrives.  Then hunker down in bed and read it from cover to cover.

10. Go shopping for tea and treat yourself to some new varieties.

11. Make hot breakfasts. This gives you a reason to live when you have to get out of bed when its still dark. Eggs, pancakes, French toast or porridge with lashings of cinnamon and banana are my go-to’s. If time short make something the day before like my new favourite buckwheat porridge.

12. Make bread. There’s only one reason for this: your house will smell cosy. Make bagels to go with delicious hot soup.

13. Take up knitting and knit a warm blanket to snuggle under.

14. Make curry or chilli and watch Once with your other half.

15.  Go to the library with the sole purpose of your mission being to find a new soup recipe.

16. On a sunny day, open all of your windows, put on music and clean the house. Afterwards treat yourself to step 17.

17. Take a hot bath and read something inspiring. I LOVED Twyla Tharp’s The Creative Habit and next I’m going to read Manage Your Day-To-Day.

18. Take time out to read a book. I’m hanging out to read Ruth Reichl’s first novel, Delicious. (Can you guess why?)

19. Make plans for the summer. Book a trip, write a list, set some goals, pencil it in.

20. Take on a lofty project. Time flies when you’re up to your elbows in paint, right? Make a garden, reupholster some furniture, sew some new soft furnishings, write a novel, learn how to speak a foreign language…

Be Productive Online!

DSC_0674 The internet! There is so much interenet. I love it. I spend LOTS of time on it. Which isn’t always a good thing. I spend lots of time writing this blog, reading blogs, finding inspiration, looking at recipes, reading my Twitter feed which leads to reading interesting blogs and looking at photos and Instagram! Sometimes the internet swallows you whole, spits you out all floppy and exhausted hours later. That’s not good! You need to be in charge. Don’t let the internet take control, because it quite happily will.

Lets think about what being productive online means. It should, above all else, be a positive experience lady era uk . Not, a depressing, guilty or energy-zapping one. Reading the news, trawling through Facebook, looking at celebrity’s and so on can sometimes make you feel blah. Here’s the thing. The internet is full of awesome stuff and awesome people that make you feel inspired, creative and raring to go! Being productive online should mean that the internet is offering something to your real life.  lexapro generic cost award Finding a yum recipe to make tonight? Choice! Learning something fascinating about a cool place in the world? Choice! Chatting to your far, far way friend? Choice! Clicking through a hundred photos of someone drowning themselves in Passion Pop? Not so choice. Being productive online also means that, most of the time, you’re candid v gel price doing what you set out to do , not falling down the rabbit hole.

I’m not preaching here. I’ve gotten lost in the internet plenty of times. One of my goals this year is to spend less time on Facebook, because for the most part I find Facebook to be a bit of soul-sucker. Oddly, without thinking about it, I haven’t been spending much time on Facebook lately. Its good for the soul!

Here’s some things I find helpful to bypass the rabbit holes, tune out the internet garbage and actually use the internet to energise and improve your life.

– Make a plan! Plans are always good, right? So before you jump on the net think about these three things. How much time do you ACTUALLY have available to spend online? What’s the reason you’re going online? What sites should you not look at, or not look at for long? I have a bad habit of going online when I’m getting ready for work. Bad idea! Open your browser with the answer to those three questions in mind.

– Use the force! There is technology available to help you control your time. Set an alarm on your phone, use a kitchen timer or check out some of the great apps add-ons available that do the work for you. Leechblock for Firefox or StayFocused for Chrome.

– If your reason for going online is to catch up with some cool peeps, how bout you catch up with them the old fashioned way for a change? While email is speedy, snail mail still exists and its such a nice surprise to get snail mail. Check out some cute stationary here, here , here and here.

Read some cool stuff online, like my blog, ahem. Or these cool blogs. Elise, Meredith, Pip or Emily. (OK so these ladies are a bit girly and write about the stuff I love: food, home, crafts, style ect – I would be more than happy to read something different. Comment with your fave internet reads! Boys – I’m looking at you.)

Connect. Do you think Facebook when you hear social media? There’s more to social media than Facebook. I personally am a HUGE fan of Twitter. Its way cool. You can follow people that have similar interests and are opened up to a world of cool stuff. Twitter is a positive place because you only follow people that are interesting and positive. (You know that friend of your boyfriends sister who posts really wingey lengthy updates on Facebook? She’s probably not on Twitter.) I also recommend Goodreads if you like books and Letterboxd if you like films.

Have rules. Similar to making a plan, set some rules in place. I will not go on Facebook between 9 and 5. I will have breakfast before I check my email. I will not read the news on the weekend. I will make doctors appointment bake a cake go outside do half an hour on my assignment FIRST. Or whatever. Rules help control the fun (thank you Monica Geller)!

How do you control your online time and what GOOD THINGS do you read on the interwebs. Share in the comments!