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Good Morning, Muffin!

paxil uk Hi dear friends. This is it! This is the week I go to Germany. I’m packed and ready to go. I’m abnormally calm and insanely excited (plus, just casually, I have a big exam tomorrow!). So, a quick post today. Muffins! If you have read for a while, you’ll know I’m a bit crap at eating breakfast in an orderly fashion. Some days are a winner – lazy pancake days, or crisp mornings with time for a bowl of muesli and yoghurt. Other days involve depressed slices of marmite toast. Those days are a bit pesky. Today I’ve rounded up some muffin recipes that are suited for the ‘grab and go’ lifestyle and still include the goodness you need in the morning. Let’s go!

muffins Photo sourced from [link below].

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Slow Cooking? How ‘Bout No Cooking?


For years I have debated back and forth whether to buy a slow cooker. They’re all the rage with their own breed of recipe books and serious, dedicated followers. Hmm. Not sure. There are two things that have stopped me ‘buying in’. Thing one: I’m old-fashioned and feel apprehensive about leaving an unattended appliance on. Thing two: for me, most of the work of cooking is in the PREP, not, so much, in the cooking. I get that there are other reasons that slow cookers are cool. I get that you can use cheap cuts of meat and make delicious stews. But thing one and thing two still bug me. So I’m thinking of my own scheme. I call it ‘no cooking’. Continue reading

In Season: April


One of the foodie ‘laws’ I try to live by is to eat in season. There are so many good reasons for this: it’s cheaper, the food is of higher quality and tastes better, it’s unlikely food has been stored for long, it’s better for the environment, you can maximise on what is grown locally. I live in Nelson, the top of the South Island, New Zealand and one of our biggest exports is apples. In the 80s people moved to the Tasman region to make money picking apples. My parents moved here from Auckland to pick to save for a trip to Europe and they ended up buying a house here (which they still live in). As happens, the industry isn’t quite the same anymore and I’m not sure you can make as much money as you once could. In addition, many many people come from the islands to work on the orchards. As well as the orchards, many people I know have their own trees. Both my mum and dad, and Rowan’s parents, have apple trees and so we get inundated at this time of year. Apple season always marks the end of summer and the start of a new season around here. Continue reading

Foodie Out-Takes in March

blueberries Picking blueberries at mum and dads.

Hello! I didn’t share many recipes in March. This was partly because for two weeks of it Rowan was in China and I lived off sunshine. I’m kidding, mostly. But I cooked twice in that time period – one large green curry and one large meat sauce for pita breads. I don’t think I can eat a pita bread for a while. March was also a bit crazy busy with study, and random things that life likes to throw at you. That’s OK. I hope to share some recipes soon. Today, I wanted to share some little tips and thoughts that cropped up through March. Continue reading

Totally Tomatoes!

IMG_20140211_185826 From last years harvest.

This, in my collection of ridiculous blog post titles. I’m the queen of cheese. Can you imagine if I wrote a book? There would be alliteration and puns and so much cheese. OK, but I’m actually going to talk about tomatoes today. Or as I have dubbed them: red gold. Tomatoes are the one thing I have been able to grow brilliantly, without fail, in every garden I’ve had. They grow en masse and they are probably my favourite vegetable (in the sense that I use them as a vegetable). Even if you don’t grow them, at this time of year they’re a staggering 99c a KG! What’s not to love? So here are some scrumptious recipes I’ve made and found that have toms in the leading role. Enjoy!

– I recently shared my Pesto, Tomato, Salami and Camembert Quesadillas. So simple and so, so good.

– Last summer I was a regular muncher of bruschetta. We make this all the time in the summer. A favourite for barbies and the like or general snacking.

– The second my cherry tomatoes are producing fruit, I’ll be making this tart! It looks grand!

– How good does this Tomato and Promegranate Salad look? I really want to make something with pomegranate.

– Annabel Langbein, queen of seasonal cooking, has this Harvest Tomato Sauce recipe which I intend to make every year, but haven’t yet. Also, this Moroccan Chickpea and Chicken Salad looks yum. Thanks Annabel!


In Search of Simple Food


Hello internet world. This evening I’ve retreated to the bedroom for some quiet. I have socks on and a cup of tea and soon after this, I’m going to cook eggs for dinner. It all sounds pretty good after a really long day at work.

I have hit ‘the wall’ this week, in blogging. Not because I’m too busy (which I am) or because I’ve fallen out of love with this little square box that houses my virtual home (which I haven’t) but because I’ve  been trying synthroid price too  measure hard (classic Laura move). The irony is that I totally adore simplicity. I think simple really does win out, especially in the kitchen. Food doesn’t want to be complicated.

More irony: I started writing this blog to share what I love but since then, its become more about ‘coming up with something to share’. This week (it’s only Tuesday? What the what?) among making failed lentil salads, cooking delicious favourite risotto, cutting out hundreds of Christmas flyers for work, listening to Serial, watching Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall make wonderful vegetarian, tending to my tiny garden and being curious about the bizarre spring weather patterns I’ve managed to have an epiphany of sorts – all of the great things I cook are simple, unpretentious, flexible and fun but a lot of the recipes I attempt to create for the webosphere are anything but. revamp I’m going in search of simple food: viagra pill cost  the food that I love to cook and eat, the food that inspired this blog in the first place, the food that fits in and around my lifestyle. I promise I’ll share what I find with you (I pinky promise there will be burritos).