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Spring falling into Summer

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еxchange Well looky here. If that isn’t a handsome lettuce then I don’t know what is. Something weird happened this week. The bubble burst. The temperature changed really dramatically, really quickly and it got hot, hot. Today we ended up at the beach standing in the tide, under the beating sun, regretting our lack of swim suits (in November, no less). At home everything is looking very perky. Peas are flowering, grapes are graping. Like for the last five years I have a bit of a love hate relationship with the old garden. Weeds, masses of watering, clingy bugs, sun burnt basil, untangling the hose, seeds that don’t sprout and yet more weeds (cue fist waving). But here are some of the good things: those pretty flowers, bright happy lettuce, peas that get tangled up but flower never the less, teeny tiny grapes, a freshly weeded patch of dirt, all of the greenery, growing something, figuring it all out. What’s sprouting at your place? GrapePeas

Garden Update {January} cause toms 2

offset levolin inhaler price For those of you have been reading for a time, you’ll know that I garden and that I’m not a gardener. I’m a complete novice. I know exactly zero tricks of the trade. I hate weeding. I can never find my sprinkler. But there is something I can do, not too shabbily and that I absolutely love doing, and that is growing tomatoes. When I first moved out of home, I grew two cherry tomato plants in a mussel buoy. I was completely amazed by those tomatoes. How happy they were just to grow.  I still get excited each summer as the first flowers appear, and then the tiny green tomatoes start popping out. It’s like a magic trick. And now, finally, it’s that time of year again. In not too long, maybe a week, I’ll be picking my first crops of red gold (and also, yellow and orange).

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Garden Update {November}


A few snaps of the garden in November. There are peas! I haven’t grown peas before. Such joyful little souls. I also have monster-sized brassicas that have been chewed to pieces by various garden dwellers. Gardenening, like many things, is a constant learning curve. I don’t think I’ll grow any brassicas next year. I’ve also got lettuce and have now planted four tomato plants. Plus, my raspberries are in full-swing. Happiness is a raspberry. Row and I spent an afternoon constructing a cage for them, because the birds just go to town. We haven’t had much rain this spring so I’m out there, watering, inspecting, picking and foraging every other day. I guess there are worse things in life. Have a good Sunday!


Garden Update {October}


There are things in my veggie garden and against all odds, they’re growing. I’m not much of green thumb. It just seems to be a lot of work. Pull out weeds, they grow back. Water the garden, it needs watering again the next day. But the one thing I do love about it (and the reason I do it every year) is seeing the little miracles happen. One day there is just a patch of dirt, and the next, tiny plants have shot up out of the earth. And today, noticing that there is the tiniest broccoli forming in one of my broccoli plants. It was just a leafy little plant for ages and then, out of nowhere, seemingly, is something that resembles food. I remember the first time I spy a little green tomato, every year and its one of the best things. My garden is relatively unloved – crappy soil, all sorts of bugs and creatures that are getting in on the action, even a cat that likes to sit right on top of the vegetables (who cares about the bird netting) – but somehow, stuff grows. Plants are determined to grow, and this makes me happy.


In Bloom

PicMonkey Collage

Aside from mid summer when everything is growing like wild fire and I can’t keep up with the endless tomatoes, this is my favourite time of year, garden-wise. When everything suddenly bursts into life and almost overnight, the raspberry plants turn from dormant twigs protruding from the earth to a small leafy juggle. The grape vines (that are only two years old) do the same dance, suddenly adorned with buds and leaves. Old fruit trees in our garden blossom and I plan what I’ll plant next (lettuce, tomatoes soon).

PicMonkey Collage1


Further Garden Ventures

IMG_1832Yesterday it felt like spring. Cool, but very sunny. I love spring days and knowing that we’re counting down the last week of winter is such a good feeling. My parents came over yesterday and we had a small working bee to transform my ‘garden’ into a real actual garden. I’m actually pretty excited about planting in it now. I’m not a huge green thumb, especially in the summer when you come home from working all day and have to go out into the billion degree heat and water tomatoes because those  things are like a sponge. But I think any foodie should know at least a little about the cultivation of food, even on a really basic level.IMG_1826The transformation (we joked we should start a new TV series – Extreme Makeover: Garden Edition) involved digging in 160 litres of compost (my job, I got down to wearing shorts! Lordy my legs are whiiite). A few weeks ago my Dad took down a bird aviary that has been on my parents property for my whole life! It got to be too much work for my Pop so down it came. (There is now a glass house in its place). The bits of aviary (not the birds) went to good use. Some of them went into my garden (the planks and stakes to make the box).

My next job (which I’m just so excited about) is demolishing all of the weeds in that corner. Then we’ll cover that corner with something. Its too hard to plant there because there’s a giant piece of concrete something. Then I’m going to plant some sprouting broccoli. Check out my post from a few weeks ago to see the ‘before’.  Are you a green thumb? Or a different sort of thumb? Will you be gardening in Spring? Let me know and we can trade plant gossip (because that’s a thing).