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2015 Goals (Finally!)


February seems like as good a time as any to share my goals for the year, no? Better late than not at all! I always set goals. It’s how I roll. Do you roll that way too? Well, 2014 was lots of hard work that made me a bit crazy (the proof of this is a plane ticket to Germany, for June!) 2015 is going to be…a whole lot more crazy (um, Germany?!) but also some of the classic hits – studying, working, blogging, making, combing Pesto’s tail, knitting, cultivating a garden full of weeds, baking cakes on Sunday’s, eating lots of Mexican and watching reruns of reruns of Friends. Plus all of these things that I want to do! I have a good feeling about this year (sometimes, even with mostly the same schedule, an attitude shift can entirely alter your perspective). Happy 2015!

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Goals for June

june collage

Well, I didn’t think I’d make this a regular feature, but I enjoyed sharing my May list so here goes June. Plus, I think sharing makes you accountable. And that means crossing things off! I didn’t conquer my entire May list but I did poach a chicken, sew a skirt, go to Wellington and pay-off my credit card. Some things have joined the June list and hopefully I’ll cross them off this month. Are you a fellow list-maker? If so, share what you’re doing in June!

Goals for May


I’ve reached the conclusion that the older you get, the faster each year goes. This is a bit troubling considering I’m only 22 – maybe it slows down again at some point (I sure hope so). My life is pretty messy (as is my kitchen). My work roster is totally random and around that I juggle two uni papers, Happy Pantry and then the mish-mash of everything else – unfinished sewing projects, baking pies, running after Pesto, washing and naps. Everything is constantly in motion – half-finished, half-started and nothing is really ever finished. As soon as I finish one project I have to start something else. That’s how my brain functions. I think its an illness. Row says that’s why he loves me. Because of all of the above, I make lists. They’re my jam. I get lost otherwise. Lists make a fresh month seem manageable and exciting. Lists give me direction. I thought I’d share my list for May. May is a big month for me. It signals the end of my very first uni paper – only three weeks, one test and one exam to go! May is also the lead up to June, in which I’m taking two weeks off work (my exam is actually in June so this is for revision) and I’m going to visit my favourite bro in my favourite city, Wellington. May – you’re not shabby, stick around for a while please.