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The Books of 2015: A List

promote Lauraandthebook Apparently it is now the second month of the ‘new year’ which is just a bit strange, don’t ya think? I mean, it was only a few weeks ago (it feels) that we were waving goodbye to 2015 and now look at us, well and truly in 2016. I’m actually quite liking 2016. It’s been a bit mad really. I won’t go into it today but between work and study, various summer activities, two trips away and helping my dad with his new pizza venture it’s been all go. Anyway, I never got to finish writing about the books I read last year on my ‘twenty in fifteen’ reading challenge. So, spoiler alert, I did not read twenty books but I DID read sixteen really excellent ones.  I was going to write a wee summary of each book but I kind of feel like I’ve done that to death (and you probably know that I LOVED All the Light We Cannot See and HATED Gone Girl.) So here’s a list in the order I read them,  followed by some thoughts on 2016. Continue reading

A modern way to eat: a delicious review

disclose xarelto uk a modern way to eat

arcoxia usa schedule Did you know that I like to cook food, quite a lot? You probably knew that. But in case you didn’t, here is a wee story. This blog started as something a bit different. It started as Happy Pantry, both my love letter to food and my attempt to share what I loved with the world. But a year down the track I made a discovery. Possibly a naive one. Hindsight eh? I discovered that creating good recipes is really, really hard work which requires patience, many hours and a perseverance not known to many. Mostly, I lacked the hours. So I changed gears. Now, more than I ever, I appreciate the heck out of a good recipe book. Firstly, you have to come up with a recipe that functions properly. It has to make sense to the cook and make good food. Then it has to be really tasty. Followed swiftly by simple but interesting, original, affordable, quick and healthy (last but not least). Phew! Hard work? Yes. I borrowed this book a few times from work and found one recipe that ticked every single one of the above boxes. A classic, yet unique dhal recipe. I made it quite a few times. Then my super wonderful friend, much aware of my over-borrowing, gave me the book as an engagement present. Continue reading

Craft for the Soul [Twenty in Fifteen]

Craft for the Soul (2)

Something a bit different and non-novelly in the mix today. I actually finished this a few weeks ago. I went through this maddened reading burst and read three books in very quick succession. This was one. I quite enjoyed reading something crafty and practical while also reading novels. A good way to mix things up. So, this is a book by Pip Lincolne, super blog lady at Meet Me At Mikes and a whole bunch of cool things besides. If you’ve come across Pip’s other books the first thing you should know about this one is that it is very different to her other books but still very Pip! Also you should know that I liked it a lot. Here’s why. Continue reading

The Secret Life of James Cook [Twenty in Fifteen]

LauraandthebookOK folks. Book 10. Halfway. It’s the end of September. At this point I can foresee that it’s unlikely that I will reach my goal of 20, but I’m perfectly OK with that. Some goals aren’t about the end result. Some goals are more about what happens on the way there. I read books this year and that makes me happy. So to James Cook. There aren’t too many things that can go wrong with a book about Cook. It’s destined to be a fascinating read. Luckily Graeme Lay has a way with words and has created a book that you can plough through (almost as if you were on the Endeavour itself). Continue reading

Attachments [Twenty in Fifteen]


This is your classic boy meets girl story. OK, we have to add the dawn of the internet and the year 1999 to the mix. So, this is the story of a boy, a girl and the internet. But that’s not the full picture. In this story, boy meets girl via email, without her knowledge. Now that you’re sufficiently disturbed, I’ll proceed to tell you that this is a delightful love story. Quite the page-turner, in fact. OK, so I finished this quite some weeks ago but general life happenings like jet lag got in the way of penning down my thoughts. Attachments is Rainbow Rowell’s first book and the third book I’ve read by her. I kind of knew I’d like this. I love Rowell’s writing. Her books aren’t as profound as some of the books I’ve read this year – and it is much more modern, set in the early 2000s – but I loved it all the same, for the same reasons I loved Eleanor and Park and Landline. Rowell can just write really, really well. She has a way of stringing a sentence together that just makes you beam. Continue reading