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Reviews in a Flash!

The Boxtrolls

Hi friends. Today I’m going to share six movies I’ve watched recently with a rapid-fire review of each. I could probably write a Nicholas Nickleby sized review for some of these but I’ll let you form your own opinions. I also think that quite often you don’t need to know much about a movie at all, going in. But maybe you need some help choosing? I’m always on the prowl for new movies to watch. So here are my recommendations, with links to IMDb. Go there to read a summary. These are movies I’ve watched in the last few weeks – I love having more movie watching time over the festive season! Continue reading

Only Lovers Left Alive: A Review

(Yes, I’m a food blogger, and I’m going to review a movie about vampires. Makes sense right?)

I have to dedicate this post to my good friend, colleague and possibly the only reader of my blog, Katie. Katie – I hope I’m one jot as cool as you are, when I grow up.

Katie recommended (raved about) this film when it came out last year. I turned my nose up at the idea, never having jumped on the vampire bandwagon. My initial thoughts were ‘oh no, yet another vampire movie’. Don’t ever have thoughts like that. This is not another vampire movie. This is THE vampire movie. The only one you really, really should watch. The thing is though, its not even really about vampires. Its about a couple and their relationship, with each other, and the world (and they just happen to be vampires). The story is succinct and engaging – really just a snapshot of their lives – but the beauty of the film is in the details. If you’re the type of (super cool) person who really likes a textural, visual feast of film you will be all over this. Its just stunning. Its set in Tangier and Detroit. I don’t really need to elaborate on that. Stunning. Its the kind of film I wanted to step into and roll around on the floor of and smell things and examine things and just BE IN.

This isn’t a horror movie. There is no gore. In fact, if anything, it makes the consumption of blood classy and almost (almost) inviting. This is also, hands-down, my all-time favourite version of Tilda Swinton. She plays a delightful, admirable and believe it or not, likeable character. She plays a damn good vampire. I haven’t watched a movie that gets right under your skin, in a tremendously long time. I instantly wanted to watch it again. And again, and again. Also, oddly, I really wanted to go op-shopping (thrifting) after. That’s happening tomorrow.

Bottom line: the one film you have to watch this year, if you like films that are a bit more quirky and memorable than the main drag. It’s extraordinary.

9 Cosy Movies (Hello Autumn)



Its definitely the time of year for a movie watching session, preferably with some hearty food, a bottle of wine and a good friend (furry or otherwise). When I think of a cosy movie it usually involves, romance (duh), laughter, quirky characters and George Clooney. I hope you haven’t seen all of these yet (if you have you’re awesome). Leave a comment of your favourite ‘cosy’ movie and I’ll add it to the list!

  1. simplify Robot and Frank Set slightly in the future, an elderly man gets a robot and together they pull off one last heist.
  2. restore viagra jelly uk In a World  еxperiment synthroid price comparison Kind of bizarre and awesome, about the voice-over industry. Just a bit different and worth a watch!
  3. Enough Said  Classic rom-com but not cliche, with an awesome cast and lots of laughs.
  4. Once Sweet love story with an epic soundtrack. Awesome factoid: the two main actors (Glen Hansard and d Markéta Irglová) composed and performed all of the original songs.
  5. Fantastic Mr. Fox A band of well dressed animals take on the nasty farmers in this stop-motion delight. Basically a must see for all ages.
  6. Silver Linings Playbook I like this straight up (love) story that touches on mental illness. Its definitely not the same-old and I really enjoyed it. Oh, and Jennifer Lawrence.
  7. The Way Way Back About finding where you belong and standing up for your beliefs (wow that really sells it doesn’t it? Its a good I swear.) (I don’t like Steve Carell and this film made me GLEEFUL because he plays a massive ass in it. (Not his usual role that I can’t stand)).
  8. Up House meets hot-air balloon in this fun (yet sweet and sentimental) animated flick.
  9. Moonrise Kingdom Yep, another classic Wes Anderson. Romance, adventure and Edward Norton as a Scout Master(!!). This is the kind of film you want to live in.