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Around in Circles

track Downtime

buy stablon define The ability to think about thinking or to talk about talking is unique to humans. Yesterday we reached the conclusion that Pesto the cat’s sole purpose in the world is to eat to grow fur and so it goes. Food in, fur out. Constantly. But Pesto the cat is happy and we are endlessly happy because of him. Getting all profound here, life is full of these circles. Recently we went on a very brief, very simple holiday to a house by the windy seaside. This holiday could have been the very definition of the word perfect, rain storms and confused tides included. On said holiday we talked a lot about the circle of the digital world. Continue reading

A Thought-Provoking Foray into Kitchen Cupboards and Inboxes

quantify benadryl price Virtual clutter I work in a library and so I see quite a few ‘trends’ coming and going. One trend at the moment, thought let’s face it, it’s always going to be an issue in the materialistic society we live in, is clutter. Stuff. All those things we love to have that fill up our houses and make us go spare with the clutter-frustra (short for frustration – let’s roll with it). I like stuff. Stuff can give you good times, like pretty things to make your home feel homey. Or good books to read (though I don’t buy those, much). I also like to make stuff. There is literally stuff growing in my lounge, by the stitch. It’s cool. But what about the un-stuff. The stuff that is not really stuff but still forms en masse in our very important virtual spaces. I spend a lot of time with my laptop. I know how to press it’s buttons, and it mine. But it too gets filled up with stuff. Does this stuff stuff-up our spaces just as much as the tangible miscellany lurking in my kitchen cupboards (seriously, who stores a rusty cheese grater? I did until yesterday, apparently). Continue reading