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Taking Stock arrange breadEvery year, or actually just all the time, I want to somehow wrap up all the good things that are happening and hold them in the palm of my hand. I want to somehow see all these good things lined up and nod at them, ‘thank you’. It’s hard to do that. So much happens: days blur into weeks and the times slides by. I’ve come to the realisation, at 24, that these really are our golden years. We’ll have more golden years. We’ll have golden years with babies in them, and hopefully when we’re old and wise. But these years are pretty great. We’re obviously not rolling about in money, or ‘living the dream’ but there is something kind of special about right now. And so here is a wee list of my 2016 so far and all the peachy bits of now.
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Stuff on the Blue Shelf

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zovirax cream price philippines restore I met a lady this week, an elderly woman who I had a nice long chat with about ‘stuff’. We talked about ruby engagement rings, coffee cup sets, souvenirs and 100 year old books. We talked about the time she went to Australia and how her ‘Australian things’ remind her of when she was younger and travelled. She had a dilemma: too many special things and where to put them. We talked about the things in her spare room, packed into boxes for the charity shops to collect. And then she told me about the blue shelf. Continue reading

Coz you’ve had a bad day…

script Posy You know those days? Yeah…those days. They really blow all of the wind right out of you and make you feel flat as an omelet…and also a bit teary and mopey. Sometimes you have those days where you want to shout, and may in fact shout at anyone who is willing to listen, why is adulting SO HARD. I just want to play on the swings and eat coke bottles out of a little, white paper bag. Well, today was one of those days: I wanted to sock one of my customers and also shout at him a bit and ask him “where did your manners go?”. In another matter, I got a no instead of a yes. I also wondered why on earth adults twice my age are so utterly hopeless at basic, polite communication. I cried quietly behind a closed door and loudly in my fiances big, warm hug. I cringed at the polar blast as I lumbered along in the half-rain to my Pilates class with an achey head and a heavy heart (it’s the middle of November!! Why does it feel like it’s snowing?).

And then I buried my nose in my warm cats belly and breathed in his wheaty smell and grinned at his paw dabbing my head. I opened a special and very timely package from my good pal. I drank nice tea out of a new favourite mug. Martin Luther King’s “darkness cannot drive out darkness” looped through my mind and I thought of Paris, I thought, it’s just a bad day, it’s microscopic, I’m so lucky. I cooked a pot of bubbly, fragrant dahl – a staple – and felt it’s warmth spread through me and fill me to the brim. I snuggled in my tartan sleeping bag and looked at the pretty posy on my coffee table. I breathed out.

Let yourself have bad days and let them fade away. Don’t let them keep you. Smell your cat. Cook the special, or simple, dinner. Fold yourself in hugs. Sit in the sun or hunker under a boofy quilt. Sleep it off (shake it off is so last year).

And, if you don’t have a cat, there is always pumpkin the raccoon.

A Tale of Two Exams


Hi friends. I hope you are having a really nice Saturday. The sun is out properly here. It actually feels a bit like summer! Today I sat an exam, which signals the end of this paper and this semester (all going to plan, fingers crossed etc). Phew! Thank heavens that is DONE. It honestly feels like you have clouds inside you, post-exam. Or sunshine. Or something more accurate and less crappy poetry. The interesting thing is that I can’t help but think back 5 months to the last exam I sat. The one where two days later I got on a plane and flew to Germany. That one. The one where it was June and it was cold and gloomy. And there were screeds of thoughts racing through my mind. The one where I was close to freaking out and oddly calm. Continue reading

How Do You Spring?

Spring (2)So, I think we can all agree that September disappeared like a Berocca in a tall glass of water. But maybe spring is like that? It’s sort of jammed between the long, gloomy winter and the descending of summer. And it’s so bitsy. It rains albatrosses one day and the next you’re ripping of layers and winding down windows and noticing buds popping up and flowers blooming. It’s also busy. For me it’s the end of a semester which means chunky assignments and exams. It’s also new starts. I start the summer semester on the 16th of November (hold on to your hats, I’m doing a history paper!). So what does spring mean for you? Continue reading

Do You Listen to the Radio?

RadioYesterday was sunny. It felt closer to summer than spring. I think the weather does this to keep us on alert because today it’s grey and windy. But under that yesterday sunshine I went walking. I walked to the post office and bought some stamps. I posted my letters (how satisfying!). I walked to  the Hospice Shop and deposited a very heavy bag of books and wished I wasn’t wearing a wool jumper. I had a browse. I visited the antique shop at the end of the long road and the vintage store on the corner of the dodgey intersection. The antique shop was even more full than last time I visited. It has a literal mountain of baskets in one room. All the walkways around the shop are lined with framed art – you have to be very stealthy. You can look and look. I didn’t buy anything, that’s OK. Also yesterday, I made a discovery. Another great reason to love second-hand shops. They all play the radio. So I listened as I browsed the mountains and navigated the paintings. Continue reading