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That Time I Bought an Ottoman (On Tuesday) OttomanHi friends. I hope your week has started off on the right foot. Mine started nicely. I will tell you the story of the new ottoman. Last week I bought a new-to-me ottoman. I like old furniture the best. Old furniture typically has good bones. For about a year now I have been trying to ‘fix’ the random non-room between our kitchen  and lounge which is like a dining room. It is a very clunky space because it has only one usable wall (the others have doors, or archways or open space). I am trying to make it into a nice reading crocheting sitting and drinking tea spot. I bought the ottoman second-hand off Trade Me (which is a New Zealand website where you can auction off stuff). I snapped it up because in good old-furniture style, it is dual-functioning. It is basically a big box with a seat on top. After MUCH reorganisation, sorting and cleaning, the space is starting to come together! Yay for Sunday’s. Yay for the sun that poured in as I cleaned. Continue reading

Chasing the Sunbeam

i pill price DSC_0230Today is the first day of spring, which would be utterly delightful if it wasn’t heaving down rain. Good one, spring. Starting off on the right foot and all that. I don’t mind the rain too much. You can snug up inside with a Milo and a book. Or make some soup. Or just enjoy being nice and dry inside. How lucky we are to have inside. But really I like the sun. It has amazing powers which can lift your spirits and make you go on a tramp or want to pull out the weeds in your garden. Continue reading

Old Favourites [One Simple Thing] resolve photo 3

synthesize prescription prevacid This year, I set a goal to blog ‘one simple thing’, focusing on the smaller moments that make up our lives. This year I’ve been consumed by big things – work, study, planning a big trip away. It’s still the simple, smaller things that make me smile and appreciate the world I live in. One of the things that popped up again and again, after I shared this post, was how important craft is for connecting generations. This is true beyond words. One aspect of this is the passing on of skills. Another aspect, for me anyway, is how these tangible items connect us to and educate us about the past. I’m going to navigate away from craft now and talk more broadly about old things. I love old things. This begs the question ‘what is old?’. I guess I could use the term ‘vintage’ but that, unfortunately, is rife with connotations I want to steer clear of. I don’t have a great definition or a simple term for what defines something as old, but there are certain characteristics that make ‘old’  things special. These traits aren’t common anymore, or a rare and consequently high-end, fashionable and exxy as apposed to the norm. I have some favourite examples to share with you. Continue reading

Tzatziki [One Simple Thing]

perform TzatzikiOne of my goals in 2015 is to be more aware of the small things that make up the big picture. I quite firmly believe that it’s the moments, the simple things that make life special, that make you happy. Sometimes I will write about these things on the blog. Today is a double-header – I’m sharing a recipe and one simple thing that I love: free range mint (for want of the correct term.)

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Learning to Purl [One Simple Thing]


Yesterday afternoon, in the baking hot sun, I learnt how to purl. At last.

I’m struggling with an assignment at the moment. It’s just out of reach of my grasp. Progress is glacially slow. I’m studying speech analysis. Which is apparently an exciting field of study, but for me is completely foreign. And slow. Yesterday afternoon, my brain gave up, I couldn’t digest anymore words like ‘cooperative principle’ or ‘phatic function’. So I put away my books, and at a bit of a loose end, picked up some knitting needles. I don’t have anything to knit, because I don’t have much yarn, so I decided to play. For non-knitters, learning how to purl is the difference between knowing one basic stitch and a myriad of different stitches. I learnt how to purl, people! And then I stuffed it up. But that’s cool. I like learning.

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A View [One Simple Thing]


Hello! It’s 2015. Its a whole, new, sparkly fresh year. I’m sitting next to a pile of washing that I have to fold, watching How I Met Your Mother, drinking Milo. I’m sleepy. I’m happy. I have to apologise about the blog and its rambley, slightly odd state and the lack of any recipes. It’s that time of year. It’ll right itself.

One of my goals this year, is to be more appreciative of the smaller things, the moments, the good times. And so each month or as it takes my fancy, I’m going to blog about one simple thing. Something that I want to put under the spotlight and admire for a moment, and preserve.

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