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That Time I Went to Kew Cacti 2Last year I went to Europe and took approximately 756 photos. Those photos now live tucked up in a folder on my desktop in one of the saddest relisations of the twenty first century.  I only wrote one or two posts about my trip and so I thought I would share a few more snippets. When we decided to go to London the trip was planned around ticking two very special things off my bucket list: Kew and the Natural History Museum (I’m like the funnest person ever, right?). To my amazement both of these places far exceeded my expectations. If you haven’t been to Kew it’s an absolutely massive botanical garden with a rich history. It’s like one of those places with a surprise around every corner if it had like 570 corners. There was just so much to see. One of the most fascinating things was the Marianne North Gallery, featuring more than 800 botanical paintings from around the world from the nineteenth century, which could not be photographed. Anyway, here are a few of the photos I took. Continue reading

Christchurch Round Two

elocon cream buy Regent Street  

uncover tamoxifen price You might remember a post I wrote two years ago, if you’ve been reading for a while about a little trip I took south to the city of Christchurch. I wrote about how broken and sad and disorientating the city was. How favourite places had collapsed and mostly, how the city had simply vanished into empty lots. I am beyond pleased to report an update on our big city south. An opportunity popped up for me to tag along on a multi-missioned road trip this weekend and so of course I packed my bag and went on my way. I’m beyond pleased to say there was a lot less heartbreak the second time around. What a city!   Continue reading

A Plane Ticket and a German [Europe – Plans]

trip stage one

Hi pals. It’s pouring rain and I’m back to work this afternoon and I still don’t feel completely like a human. I thought I would write about my trip in June which I have mentioned but not fully discussed (it might cheer me up, at least). It’s probably the randomest thing I’ve ever planned so it’s worth writing about. It’s begins with my best friend, who is German and a plane ticket bought on a whim. (This post is a touch long, put the kettle on!). Continue reading

Adventures in Eastbourne


If you’ve been a visitor to Wellington you’ve probably scoped out the city and the waterfront, maybe even some of suburbs around the city. I’ve visited Wellington a number of times and Friday was my first trip ‘greater afield’. My brother and I took a ferry from the waterfront to Days Bay, part of Eastbourne and my new favourite part of Wellington. Its the best example of sea meets bush and wedged in between are a smattering of cute shops, cafes and fancy homes. We both had a strong nostalgic pull to our trips abroad – the ferry ride was only 30 minutes but we felt like we were far far away somewhere really special. We explored the area and then under a roaring blue sky we hiked deep into  the bush and paid a visit to Butterfly Creek, which requires to you to climb up over the hills and into the valley below. A sweaty and rewarding journey.










Hello friends! I just spent three rather spiffy days in Christchurch. (Actually one of those days was mostly spent on a train looking at pretty scenery and watching NZ go by). For those of you who don’t know Christchurch is the third biggest city in New Zealand (population wise at around 340,000 people). In February 2011 the city was completely trashed by a shallow 6.3 earthquake. This was probably the scariest natural disaster to happen in NZ in my lifetime and in a long time in general. 185 people died in this earthquake which is really hard to comprehend (sadly, mostly from one building collapse). Anyhooo…so I hadn’t been to Christchurch in about five years, but an opportunity came up to go with my friend. So we did. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but it was a sad and happy experience. The city is incredibly beautiful and green with masses of parks and trees. We had a lot of fun exploring, eating real fruit ice creams and just eating in general and not getting lost.

Aisha had never been to Christchurch (she’s from Germany) but I had been lots before so the hard part for me was that nothing at all was familiar. I didn’t get my bearings until just before we left. We walked right up to a backpackers (hostel) I stayed at several times without evening realising I knew the area well. (The backpackers was all fenced in and covered in graffiti and I was overwhelmed at that sight more than anything else). The city is recovering slowly but is full of empty lots and there are road cones and fencing along every street (A lot of the fencing has been decorated like in the photo below which is really cool). I think about 70% of the buildings in the CBD were demolished (or collapsed) so its quite strange, not really having a central point to the city. So its a bit of ghost town, a bit like a movie set and a bit sad. But I do recommend you visit because there is lots to see and lots of people doing cool things to try and bring the city’s spirit back. Those Cantabrian’s are a bunch of fighters and it makes me proud to be a Kiwi. I could have taken a hundred photos of crumpled buildings, sagging houses and ruins but I didn’t. If you want to see more or read more of the earthquake, Google as usual is your friend.


ABM_1390697411Our super cute backpackers (recommend!) and Vinnie the resident cat.


The temporary container mall. So much good food down this street.








On our last night we went to this little Japanese restaurant called Dose, Izakaya Bar and I ate a silly amount of food. I’m actually a little bit drooling at the tempura in that photo. Best tempura I have had. Can’t get you out of my head. I also drank some really nice Marlborough wine which I hadn’t had before called The Maker (Sauvignon Blanc) which I plan to hunt down the next time I’m in the supermarket but I bet they either don’t sell it there or its expensive.

Have you been travelling recently? Tell me about it!


We Went Exploring


On Saturday I wrote about how we (being my family and my friend Aisha visiting from Germany) were going into the Abel Tasman National Park. Well we did and it was the best! We made our way to one of the first stops on the track, Apple Tree Bay, which is pretty dreamy. It was actually a real summer day and I lay on the beach and read my book like in the movies. (I even managed to slightly burn the back of my knees – how does the sun always managed to find one spot you haven’t covered).


DSC_0238The trip was about a four hour walk total (we stop and look at things :-)) which was great. I love walking. I want to walk everywhere this year. It gives me so much time to think about what I’ll write on here. I like the little surprises you find when you go walking. In the blurry, not-very-excellent photo below you might see (squish up your face and look really hard) a tiny baby quail and a mumma quail. There was a whole little family of them. CUTE.



DSC_0250 (2)

DSC_0248 (2)

Have you had a beachy summer? (Or if you’re somewhere snowy have you been on explorations of a different kind?) Aisha and I are taking a trip down to Christchurch next week and I’m sourcing lots of great walks for us to go on. Love walking in new places. Let me know where you’re walking!