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Taking Stock

sort breadEvery year, or actually just all the time, I want to somehow wrap up all the good things that are happening and hold them in the palm of my hand. I want to somehow see all these good things lined up and nod at them, ‘thank you’. It’s hard to do that. So much happens: days blur into weeks and the times slides by. I’ve come to the realisation, at 24, that these really are our golden years. We’ll have more golden years. We’ll have golden years with babies in them, and hopefully when we’re old and wise. But these years are pretty great. We’re obviously not rolling about in money, or ‘living the dream’ but there is something kind of special about right now. And so here is a wee list of my 2016 so far and all the peachy bits of now.
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Taking Stock: April

outline takingstockapril It might as well be May, right? But I will do the taking of stock anyway. It’s probably wildly beneficial considering I think I just missed the entirety of this month. 30 days? Pfft. I think I had time to drink one cup of tea and it was over. It’s six weeks until I go to Europe, the middle of the semester and I feel like I’m in the eye of the storm. It’s all booking trains, emailing distant relatives, buying practical shoes, making lists, booking appointments, draining my bank account and dreaming. It’s scary and exciting. I also have a tower of assignments. Then the ordinary, every day stuff (work, dishes, sleep). Finally, a little blogging. And a few rows crocheted here and there. That sums it up! And so here is some more summing up. Continue reading

Taking Stock: March Takingstockmarch

connect Hello! Sunday night. Bit of downer, no? I’m actually EXCITED because Row gets home this week. He has been in China for 12 days (the longest time we have been apart in the five years of our relationship). It’s been a very looong 12 days, in some ways. I have had SO MUCH studying to do and it’s been a slog. I also had to make an emergency trip to my parents this weekend to see my Pop who is not well. I was born on my Pop’s birthday and him and my Nan live on my parents property, so I saw them every day growing up and we have a special relationship. Also in this weird 12 day capsule, I learnt how to crochet (Row’s mum taught me, she is ace!). I have crocheted 12 granny squares and I think this is my favourite craft to date. It is wonderfully therapeutic, creative, colourful and pretty. It makes me very happy, having a growing pile of squares. Here is my taking stock post: a monthly snapshot of life. Thank you for reading and have a superb week! Continue reading

Taking Stock: February


Hello! It is 10.30pm, pouring rain and I’m tucked up inside writing this. Pink tea next to my laptop, Liam Finn on the speakers, a whiskery assistant keeping watch. All is good. It’s funny, this taking stock business. Last time I wrote this my tomatoes were green, now my fridge is full to the brim. Some things don’t change though: I still drink tea like a character on Coro Street, I still knit, it’s still too hot to spend more than 20 minutes outside anytime between 9 am and 8 pm. And so, a snapshot of now, to look back on and to be in the moment with (how cheesy was that?).

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Taking Stock: January


Hello! I still exist! You might be thinking otherwise, since I accidentally took a mini blog vacation. See, I was trying to write a post about my goals for 2015 and the post just wasn’t happening, so I reached the conclusion that it is not ready ┬áto be written yet – my goal list, perhaps, is incomplete. So instead, I’m taking stock. A monthly stroll down Laura avenue (in short: it’s too hot, I’m obsessed with London and I have three knitting projects on the go and hopefully one of them will turn into a blanket.)

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Taking Stock: December


I think taking stock is almost my favourite part of writing this blog (OK, I lie, food comes first) but I like that each month I can reflect on where I’m at, and that I can look back and reflect on where I was at last month (and the months before). Pip is the original stock taker and her blog is super spiffy. Happy Christmas week! I hope it’s really great, and festive and not too, too crazy.

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