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Taking Stock

еxtrapolate tamoxifen price breadEvery year, or actually just all the time, I want to somehow wrap up all the good things that are happening and hold them in the palm of my hand. I want to somehow see all these good things lined up and nod at them, ‘thank you’. It’s hard to do that. So much happens: days blur into weeks and the times slides by. I’ve come to the realisation, at 24, that these really are our golden years. We’ll have more golden years. We’ll have golden years with babies in them, and hopefully when we’re old and wise. But these years are pretty great. We’re obviously not rolling about in money, or ‘living the dream’ but there is something kind of special about right now. And so here is a wee list of my 2016 so far and all the peachy bits of now.
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Sunday things to read, listen, make and do

qualify cheap viagra online ApplesHey friends. It’s Sunday! Extra special bonus Sunday where we don’t have to go to work on Monday (cheers Easter, you weird commercial holiday). I’ve been a busy Lizzy this month so I haven’t written a blog post in a while. You understand, right? I’m sure you are busy too. Anyway, there are all sorts of weird and wonderful things popping up in my internet bubble that I thought I would share with you. Here goes. Continue reading

Tidbits: Sweden

propose From Fine Little Day, link below. From Fine Little Day, link below.

http://HOMOQUEBECENSIS.COM/16213-zanaflex-cost.html Hi friends. For the past two years I have shared ‘Happy Spaces’, in various forms. Links to online delights, or interesting reads or (hopefully) scrumptious recipes. I feel like changing things up a bit. Is that cool? So now I’m going to share ‘tidbits’ – various reads in Happy Spaces style but perhaps with an interesting angle. Today we are visiting Sweden! Ja! Continue reading