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Thank You and Goodnight

еnumerate urispas tablet price Hi dear friends,

catalogue I’ve decided to stop writing here for a while. The reason is two-fold. You may have noticed that this blog is a bit of mess with funky links not working and so on. I simply do not have time to get it all spiffy and shiny-new (do you want to see my to do list?) but I feel a bit mopey writing when it is like that. It makes me feel like a crap blogger. еliminate The other reason is that for some reason (nesting? pending 25th birthday?) I feel really focused on my career at the moment. But write I must, so I’ve created a new blog (yep, another one). It’s very simple and bare-bones so I can focus on writing. If you fancy it, do pop over and have a read. I would like that (but if you want to give me the silent treatment that’s cool too).

ventolin price My new blog is called Letters to the Zoo and it lives here

ventolin evohaler price perceive It’s all about books, movies, weird library shenanigans and the internet. Thank you for reading, here, friends. It’s actually one of the best things, to get to write and that maybe someone will read it.

Bye for now,


Goodbye Old Friend

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Hi everyone. See that weird bit of text up there? That’s me tidying up loose ends. A few months ago I made the move to a new blog name with a new look and new domain (www). That was an exciting move. (Who new you could move in virtual spaces?!). Happy Pantry was my baby for a long time – first theoretically and then in reality (though Elizabeth Gilbert wisely advises us never to call creative projects our babies). But The Lovely Jumble feels more comfortable, like a well-worn pair of slippers. Recently, getting a tiny bit technical here, the time to renew the Happy Pantry domain popped up, and after much procrastinating I decided to let it go, let it sail back out into the sea of creativity. I utterly adore the Happy Pantry concept and it feels strange letting it float off into the sunset (can you tell I’ve been at the beach for three days?) but it’s no longer logical or necessary to hang onto it for dear life. So if you are still navigating here via the old name, you won’t be able to soon. The Lovely Jumble is where it’s at! ( Thanks! I’ll be back soon with some breezy posts hatched at the seaside. xx

The Post-Christmas Post

Christmas yarn

Hi friends. Happy Boxing Day morning to you. I usually quite like this Day After The Day. It’s got a slow quality, there is leftovers. Well, I hope  you had a really lovely Christmas, if you were celebrating. And also here is a thing that I started making last night with some new yarn from a pal (the pink and pale yellow) while sipping delightful homemade chamomile tea from another pal. There was also Grey’s Anatomy. And watermelon. And Ferrero Rocher. I hope your Christmas had some of these things below (and maybe other things not on the list – educate me!).

– LOTS of funny stories and lame jokes around the table with your favourite peeps.

– The exact right amount of delicious treats + a few sneaky extras.

– A fridge full of goodies to see you through.

– Special exchanges of handmade gifts. Maybe some new treasured possessions. (Hello picnic basket!)

– Emails from around the globe. (There’s no snow in Finland or Germany.)

– And parcels finally opened.

– Sunshine or a toasty home.

– And extra hugs.

– No drama. Just niceness.

– Late night crafting book browsing enjoying winding-downing.

– McDreamy*.

*Not essential but highly recommended.

Why do you like Christmas?

Christmas dec

My favourite and final primary school teacher gave me this Christmas decoration just before I ‘graduated’. Every year when I unearth it from among the other decorations, tucked in their bag at the far edge of the world (my swollen linen closet) I remember the exact feeling of joy and sadness that came with receiving this. I remember my teacher, her warm smile. I remember her finesse at reading chapter books to the class. I remember those heady days of being, what, 12? All tucked up in the little red and gold parcel that is this ornament. 11 months of the year, I don’t think this. I don’t remember the jumble of treats in the closet: the odd assortment of decorations from past lives – childhood, adolescence, a few years ago. Continue reading

Welcome to the Jumble!


Hi friends. This has been an exiting week for me! I have been planning this blog rebrand for a year! Let me tell you about it. I love food. Like, you have no idea how much I love food. And Happy Pantry was my baby that I poured all that love into. But I got a reality check pretty swiftly: writing about food is really hard work that takes a huge amount of time. I’m a student – there is no time. I also discovered that I like to write about a whole range of different things, like books and plant misadventures and crochet blankets and happiness. You will have noticed that the content of my blog has changed over the last year, to encompass all of these things and the blog rebrand is simply reflecting this. A technical note: the blog is exactly the same, so all the same stuff is still here, it just looks a little different. I hope you like my new hang-out. Maybe you’ll even stop a while? With a big mug of tea of course! Coffee drinkers are welcome too, just keep that on the down-low around here ;). I hope that with a fresh coat of paint, so to speak, I’ll be inspired to write more regular features. I have so many things to share! Thanks for reading, pals. Have a really, really good week (with tea, blankets, movies and some fresh winter air).


lauraHi my readers – if you’re still listening. I just wanted to stop in and say that I am back in New Zealand after five indescribable weeks in Europe. I apologise about the absence of updates while I was away – of course there was a technological issue. I could probably write an entire novel – a Bryce Courtenay brick  – on the last five weeks, but I won’t for now. I’m still in the processing stage and still recovering from jet lag (waking up at 4am – seriously uncool) and I don’t want you to read an incoherent novel on your lovely Sunday. I’ll leave you with this cracking great quote from none other than the film, The Princess Diaries, which I watched with my grandmother on my last night in Finland. It left an impression and maybe will inspire your week ahead. Bye for now!

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something is more important than fear. The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all.