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Cheesy Kumara and Spicy Bean ‘Salsa’ Stacks

kumara stack

Hi friends. I have a recipe for you tonight. A really great one! How has your week been? Tremendously long and brief at the same time, like mine? I must confess, by 4 o’clock this afternoon I had retreated to my bed. Luckily after a few hours of reading a new book and dozing, Row arrived home with a little bag of chocolate eggs for me. He knows how to please me. And so, several chocolates later I’m on the up and writing this post for you. It has all the best things in it. This is my favourite sort of meal. It’s like a really boss salad, packed with flavour and my best friend the kidney bean. It’s vegetarian, requires minimal cooking (lots of raw goodness) and contains no gluten (check specific ingredients). Those things were all happy accidents though, it’s actually just super yummy. The recipe looks long but it’s really simple, just a bit of slicing and dicing! Let’s get to it.

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Zucchini Fritters


Hello. Well look, it’s already Wednesday again. We’re barreling straight into autumn and I’m not remotely prepared. This autumn is going to be an interesting one! The most interesting yet. On the 11th of June, I’m going to board a plane and fly to Germany. Autumn means preparation. It also means shorter days and cooler nights, Easter, Rowan’s trip away, the first two uni papers of the year. This is is how it goes. But, first, it’s still basically summer and that means one thing: an endless supply of zucchinis. My mum has been picking 5 zucchinis a day from her garden all summer. The surplus gets sent in my direction. These fritters have been on constant rotation. They use up zucchinis (3 per batch!), they taste grand, they’re easy. I kind of just flung this recipe together with a bit of experimentation and on-hand ingredients. Try it?

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Tzatziki [One Simple Thing]

TzatzikiOne of my goals in 2015 is to be more aware of the small things that make up the big picture. I quite firmly believe that it’s the moments, the simple things that make life special, that make you happy. Sometimes I will write about these things on the blog. Today is a double-header – I’m sharing a recipe and one simple thing that I love: free range mint (for want of the correct term.)

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Simple Ways with Beans, Carrots and Tomatoes (Hey Summer!)


Let’s be honest, this is the best time of year, veg-wise. Everything seems to be in abundance, we’re watching our tomatoes change daily, and you could build your dinner around what grows outside. There are MANY recipes – an endless supply, really – to choose from but sometimes simple wins out (it’s my mantra). Don’t get me wrong, I love a good meal-in-one salad (like this) or a curry that celebrates a host of ingredients. But I also like easy. This year my foodie mission is to go in search of simple food that requires little time, no recipes, no extra trips to the supermarket. Food that celebrates the basics: good ingredients. Here are three simple ‘foodie pairings’ that we have been munching on.

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White Chocolate, Cranberry and Walnut Balls


OK, so apparently Christmas is in three weeks so we might as well get this show on the road, yes? I kind of wish you could just whip out a fire hose that squirts out Christmas cheer. That’s a bit sad isn’t? These tasty bites will cheer you up, I promise.


Every year I make an enormous, elaborate dessert. Often something I’ve never made before. Something that Involves me spending a large portion of Christmas day freaking out in front of the stove. It dawned on me that, while in part I love this, it’s a less than ideal situation. So this year I’m keeping it super simple. I love these Chocolate Nut Balls and they’re a cinch to make so I thought I’d mix things up and make another variety. I’ll make the two on Christmas. Wee! These ones are especially festive and pretty. I hope you like them.


White Chocolate, Cranberry and Walnut Balls

100 grams of butter, cubed and softened
1 cup of oats
12 cup of walnuts, chopped into small pieces
12 cup of dried cranberries
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
14 cup brown sugar
12 cup of desiccated coconut
200 grams of white chocolate buttons or similar. I like
these ones.

Makes about 25 balls.

Line a tray with baking paper.

Combine all of the ingredients, except for the chocolate. I usually start with a big wooden spoon and once the butter has been spread out, use my hands. You want the butter to be fully incorporated with the other ingredients.

Roll the mixture into small balls, the size of walnut. The mixture may be slightly crumbly but should hold together. Place balls onto the lined tray. Refrigerate for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, melt the chocolate in a ceramic bowl resting on a small pot of simmering water. Stir occasionally until the chocolate is completed melted. Remove from the heat and stir well.

Drop a ball into the chocolate and use two forks to carefully transfer it back to the tray. Repeat with all balls. For the last few where the chocolate is coming to an end you may need to stir the balls around in the chocolate. Refrigerate. The chocolate will have set after 30 minutes if you’re in a hurry to gobble them down, but if you can, wait for at least an hour so the chocolate is firm.

Petite Kitchen’s Zesty Apricot Balls


It’s no secret that I (and I’m guessing a lot of you) have those days (every day) where all you want in life is an enormous piece of cake. Like as big as your head. Preferably with chocolate involved somewhere in the process. I have a big sweet tooth. Last week Row brought home a 2 kilo bag of Fruit Bursts to send out with his orders (he sells mountain bike parts if that’s of interest to you). 2 kilos of Fruit Bursts just casually chillin’ in our living room. So. Much. Self. Control. Required. Anyway, this has a point. As much as I love (and need) cake I also know that I can’t have cake frequently (sorry to break it to you). This year I have enjoyed so much finding new recipes to satisfy the chronic-snacker and sweet tooth in me,

In the weekend I made Petite Kitchen’s Zesty Apricot, Pumpkin Seed and Lemon Fudge Balls. These balls didn’t last for too long because despite them being refined sugar free, they were delicious and made for excellent snackage. I would even go as far as saying they are healthy on account of the nuts and seeds. So that’s cool right? Almost as good as cake. No sugar high. No guilt. I’m still going to have my cake on occasion (it’s a coping mechanism) but its great to be able to replace some of the cake indulgences with healthier snacks (that are yum too). DSC_2551

In case you aren’t acquainted with Petite Kitchen here is a lowdown: Petite Kitchen was born out of the need to create a better diet for Eleanor’s very ill daughter. Eleanor’s daughter was diagnosed with Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) by a Naturopath, an imbalance of bad gut bacteria causing toxins. This was causing terrible eczema and extreme mood fluctuations. Eleanor eliminated grains, sugar, additives and preservatives from their diets and her daughter returned to full health. Now Eleanor focuses on creating simple recipes and sharing them on the blog and in her cookbook (which is the best!). I really recommend checking out Petite Kitchen if you’re gluten free or just looking for a fresh way of cooking and eating.

I forgot to mention something else about these balls: they’re a doddle to make and require no cooking! How great is that. Excellent for a take-along or for your afternoon snack. Enjoy! And have a great week.